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Renewable energy company achieved immediate ROI by automating data transfers between ERP, DM system and workforce management app

Anesco is a market leader in renewable energy, managing the development, design, construction, maintenance and market optimisation of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, including 105 solar farms and monitoring more than 24,000 sites. It achieved immediate ROI by automating the transfer of operational data between its Advanced OpenAccounts ERP, document management system and workforce management app, helping to enhance the day-to-day activities of its Operations and Maintenance department.

Primary Applications Used: Advanced OpenAccounts, SharePoint

The Challenge

  • Enhance day-to-day activities of Operations and Maintenance department
  • Integrate Advanced OpenAccounts with document management system and workforce management app
  • Automate transfer of financial data, as well as asset and project information
  • Push data to employees and engineers’ mobile devices

To read how Anesco overcame its challenges, please download the case study.

“We needed to find a product that we could use to interrogate our existing data sources and then use APIs to move that information into other destinations. I was already aware of Codeless Platforms’ product from a previous job and knew its capabilities, how it worked and how flexible it could be, which is why I was quite keen to implement it here. We were able to get a number of processes up and running in a very short period which are querying publicly available APIs and bringing back National Grid balancing mechanism data.”

Nick Powell, Director of IT, Anesco

Case Study: Anesco

Case Study: Anesco

Anesco, a market leader in renewable energy, gained immediate ROI from integrating Advanced OpenAccounts with its DMS and workforce management app, and then automating the transfer of financial, asset and project information data.

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