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Automating Employee Onboarding Processes with SymVolli Maestro

Recruiting and onboarding new employees can be a time-consuming process – especially when it concerns a large, constantly changing workforce. Managing applicants, the interview process and the mass of information that comes with all this activity can be a headache. When the selection process is complete and employees have been appointed, they then need to be added to HR systems, enrolled in the organisation’s accounting structure and granted access to business systems.

To improve efficiency, there are many processes involved in this scenario that can easily be automated, enabling organisations to concentrate on the finer details and potentially more important tasks. It’s something that SymVolli identified, and now offers a “cradle to grave” solution to address this type of scenario.

“SymVolli can cater for all of this. For the interview process, you can make sure that you’ve collected all the right data and all the documentation related to the interviewees – C.V.s, references, work examples etc.,” said Luke Petri, Development Manager, SymVolli. “It can then move through the workflow – through the process and the procedures – to a shortlist. Having shortlisted it is then possible to hire the new employees and carry out the onboarding.”

Initially launched as a CRM system, SymVolli has slowly evolved into a flexible ERP system for small to medium sized businesses. Its customers use it for a variety of back office tasks, such as accountants undertaking risk management on clients, IT helpdesks running ticketing systems and sales teams generating quotation proposals.

“Whereas other systems look at activities and get bogged down with data silos, SymVolli deals with processes. There’s a high process builder in the backend which is completely configurable and the user can easily go in and use it. What this means is that they can build processes that will interlock between marketing, sales, HR – basically any process that an organisation might be touching.”

SymVolli also provides a business process management module, SymVolli Maestro (utilising Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform), which monitors business activities in relation to business processes and can automatically interact, notify and initiate further activities.

“It basically acts as the policeman for the system – monitoring and notifying – and providing the integration between systems and different groups by facilitating data transfer.”

SymVolli is currently being used as the IT helpdesk for a major regeneration project in London, for which SymVolli Maestro is being exploited to automate the onboarding process of employees.

“It’s a very, very fluid workforce. Usually there’s about 600 on site. However, that 600 is always transitional. There’s always people coming and going, so you’re talking about dealing with thousands of people,” explained Petri. “When you are dealing with a large workforce, the automation takes the headache away. It’s simple and the IT team doesn’t have to be involved in any of the onboarding unless really necessary.”

The project currently includes about 30 different teams – ranging from architects and builders to project management and the IT team, all working for different companies. When a new employee or contractor is brought into the project, the Team Leader has to submit all the details to the IT team, via a SymVolli portal, informing them what date the person is starting, what they need access to, what equipment they might need and who they are reporting to etc.

The IT team then have a more sophisticated overview of the data in which they can see different queues and all the relevant information. As soon as the information entered hits the database SymVolli Maestro scans and cleans the data to make sure all the right amount of detail has been entered and starts the process of onboarding etc. If any data is missing, it fires it back immediately.

“Once the data has been entered, SymVolli Maestro talks to Active Directories and Office 365 and builds a user for the IT team. If it’s a temporary user, for example someone who is only going to be on site for two weeks, it will also expire the account on the last day of the contract. Otherwise it just leaves it perpetual. Maestro then sends different emails to other teams to have that new user provisioned on different systems.”

BPA Platform Brochure

BPA Platform Brochure

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