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Salesforce SAP Business One Integration

Are you looking for a cost-effective Salesforce SAP Business One integration solution to read and write data to and from Salesforce to automatically synchronise Salesforce data with your SAP Business One system? Or are you looking to improve sales team performance and drive company revenue?

Codeless Platforms’ drag and drop Salesforce SAP Business One integration solution provides you with a simple, straightforward way of reading and updating Salesforce and SAP Business One to reduce costs, remove data entry errors, increase employee productivity and improve company performance.

The Salesforce Connector tool allows communication between BPA Platform, Salesforce and SAP Business One. This enables efficient integration between Salesforce and your other business systems, via BPA Platform.

Salesforce integration infrastructure

Image: A high-level system architecture overview of the Salesforce Connector tool pack, with BPA Platform and Salesforce

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Salesforce SAP Business One Scenarios and Benefits

Common SAP Business One integration scenarios with Salesforce include:

  • New and Existing Accounts and Business Partners: Automatically synchronise accounts between Salesforce and SAP Business One including: Account name, SAP customer number, default billing/shipping address, contact information, industry etc.
  • Contacts: Automatically update new and existing contacts between Salesforce and SAP Business One with the associated business partner or customer account including: Name, owner (if applicable), telephone/mobile, email, account name etc.
  • Price List/Price Books: Automate the synchronisation of pre-defined price lists from SAP Business One to Salesforce Price Books including single currency.
  • Item: Automatically synchronise Items from SAP Business One to Salesforce CRM including: Product name, product code, product description, product prices associated with a variety of price books
  • Quotes: Automatically synchronise quotes from Salesforce to SAP Business One including: Customer, owner (if applicable), date, customer reference number, SAP quote number, validity till, default shipping address, Quote Line Items including product, quantity quoted for, remarks
  • Sales Order: Automatically synchronise sales orders from SAP Business One with Salesforce including : Order number, order date, order value, account, owner (if applicable), product, unit price, quantity, sub total etc.
  • Invoice: Automate the synchronisation of Invoice information between SAP Business One and Salesforce including: Account, invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, owner (if applicable), product, unit price, quantity, sub-total etc.

"All this data from the various systems, which previously would have to be manually transferred, is now being pulled automatically, on schedule or on demand, via BPA Platform. It's allowing for a lot more efficiency and time saving because data is flowing backwards and forwards. It’s a massive time saver. I can sit back and relax and let BPA Platform get on with it."

Head of Business Systems, IQGeo
IQGeo use BPA Platform to integrate Salesforce, SAP Business One and SAP Concur

Additional SAP Business One Salesforce integration customisation scenarios

The Salesforce Connector tool is open to further customisations to ensure that you can achieve a 100% fit to your day-to-day business operations. Additional SAP Business One Salesforce integration scenarios that can be achieved include:

  • Automatically synchronise product prices for multi-currency
  • Automate the synchronisation of inventory e.g. view warehouse stock levels in Salesforce
  • Automate the synchronisation of multiple shipping addresses in Salesforce and SAP Business One
  • Automatically update SAP Business One order status updates with Salesforce
  • Automatically update Salesforce with invoice updates upon payments received

Commercial benefits of Salesforce SAP Business One integration

  • Remove repetitive, bi-directional data entry
  • Increase the visibility of critical information across employees and departments
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy
  • Include Salesforce users in workflow processes that start outside of Salesforce e.g. Account placed on hold within an ERP solution
  • Quickly and easily facilitate two-way integrations
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase ability to drive company revenue and adapt to business changes
Download Brochure
Salesforce SAP Business One Integration Brochure

Salesforce SAP Business One Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Salesforce and SAP can save your organisation time and money and improve the visibility of critical data.

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