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SAP Concur SAP Business One Integration

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SAP Concur SAP Business One Integration

Are you searching for a market-proven SAP Concur SAP Business One integration connector? More specifically are you looking to completely eradicate data entry tasks from creating invoices and managing expenses to journal entries?

Codeless Platforms' out-of-the-box SAP Concur SAP Connector enables organisations using SAP Concur to integrate this powerful system with SAP Business One to automatically create journal entries or invoices in SAP Business One when an expense or payment reference workflow has completed in the SAP Concur expenses management software. This then enables the workflow to be extended from SAP Concur into SAP Business One whereupon the invoice payment process can be completed.

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SAP Concur SAP Business One Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common SAP Concur integration scenarios achievable through the Concur API include:


Clients that use SAP Concur to track an employee's expenses can, upon approval, automatically have journal entries created in SAP Business One, corresponding to that employee's expenses activity.

  • Automatically create journal entries in SAP Business One

SAP Concur Invoice Automation

BPA Platform allows SAP Concur users to automatically create purchase invoices in SAP Business One that relate to purchase requisitions/orders created in SAP Concur that have a goods receipt note logged against them or have completed a specific workflow.

These purchase orders may have been through a value-based approval process in SAP Concur and have a supplier payment reference against them, the details of whichc will be used to produce the invoice in SAP Business One.

  • Automatically create purchase invoices relating to purchase requisitions/orders

The flexibility of BPA Platform is remarkable. The things that you can do with it are out of this world. It never ceases to amaze me. It’s an incredibly efficient and powerful tool. I always equate BPA Platform to being a staff member that never sleeps. It’s like an incredibly efficient person, or team of people, checking data, that never stops. The main benefit is time – the hours saved generating and manipulating reports. The sheer hourly numbers of staff time that's been saved is incredible”

Global Head of IT, Graff Diamonds
Graff Diamonds use BPA Platform to integrate SAP Concur and over 50 instances of SAP Business One

Common commercial benefits achieved through SAP Concur integration with SAP Business One:

The SAP Concur connector is simply installed alongside our BPA Platform which can connect to most data sources via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or an extensive range of supported APIs through connectors. The solution can be rolled out in less than a day and will immediately improve a wide-range of business processes including:

  • Automate, simplify, speed and improve the expenses management process
  • Increased visibility into all expenses and optimise spend
  • Improved compliance with policies and regulations
  • Removal of manual administration tasks that can lead to errors and reporting delays
  • Scheduled supplier payments, and more accurately forecast and manage cash flow
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SAP Business One Integration

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SAP Concur SAP Business One Integration

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