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myBPAPlatform Graphics Not Displaying Correctly

Introduction The article aims to explain how to ensure embedded graphics are displayed correctly in your myBPAPlatform workflow portal. Scenario After configuring myBPAPlatform, you see this when launching the web portal: Resolution Missing graphics in the web portal is caused by Static Content not…

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Sage 300 Connector Tool — OrderUniquifier Generating Errors

Summary You have created a task where the OrderUniquifier object should be auto-generated for Add operations. It is not, and the value seems to be truncated. You are also seeing an error similar to: Exception occurred during processing of GetByKey Sage 300 object (OEORD):…

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How to add a Purchase Delivery Note Through the SAP Business One Connector

The following is assumed: You have the SAP Business One Integeration tool pack installed in TaskCentre, and connected to the SAP Business One server To add a Purchase Delivery Note through the SAP Business One Connector, do the following: Open the SAP Business One…

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KB39707 – TaskCentre 4.7 Hotfix resolving issues at runtime with images formatted using the Format as HTML tool

Symptom Two separate issues are covered in this hotfix: Issue 1 At runtime, a task runner intermittently crashes when the task contains a Format as HTML step, itself containing an embedded image. Issue 2 A Send Message (SMTP) step consuming HTML output from a…

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KB35708 – Error after upgrade to TaskCentre 4.7: ‘Failed to create Trigger…parameter or variable has invalid data type…cannot find data type’

Symptom Following an upgrade to TaskCentre v4.7, event log entries for the MS SQL Server Trigger agent appear with a message similar to the following: Failed to create Trigger exttrigger3 on WIN-DEMO\MSSQLSERVER-DemoDatabase:dboDemoTable. Parameter or variable ‘@insDemoColumn’ has an invalid data type. Column, parameter, or…

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KB35373 – Error after upgrade to TaskCentre 4.7: ‘Cannot upgrade/resave the schedule entry SID…time zone ID was not found on the local computer’

Symptom Following an upgrade to TaskCentre v4.7 multiple entries are generated in the TaskCentre Event Log similar to the following: Cannot upgrade/resave the schedule entry SID: [nnn], Error: The time zone ID [any time zone] was not found on the local computer *Where [nnn]…

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