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How to Return Categories from your Magento Webshop Using the Magento Integration Tool


This article provides you with a description of how to return the categories used in your Magento webshop.


You’re using:

  • A Magento v2.0 or higher webshop using Categories in your Product Catalog
  • BPA Platform (formerly “TaskCentre”) v4.6 or higher
  • Magento Integration tool v1.0.11 or higher

When performing a GET CATEGORY operation on the Catalog: Category object, only the default category is returned.


To return other categories, you must map the category’s root ID in the Integration tool’s Mapping tab.

To get the category’s root ID, do the following:

  1. Log into your Magento client.
  2. Click on the required category.
  3. Note the new URL that opens in your browser. At the end of the URL is the root ID, for example:


  4. Map this value in the Magento Integration task step.
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