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Configuring Office 365 send mail authentication

Changes have been applied by Microsoft to Office 365 send mail authentication settings, these setting were previously enabled by default. This article guides you through the steps required to configure Office 365 send mail authentication for BPA Platform.


To configure Office 365 send mail authentication for BPA Platform:

  1. Create and license a user account/mailbox for use by BPA Platform.

  2. Enable SMTP AUTH globally in Office 365, until this is done no authentication method in BPA Platform will work.

    For further details see: Option 1: Authenticate your device or application directly with a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 mailbox, and send mail using SMTP AUTH client submission

  3. Enable SMTP AUTH for the specific user account/mailbox that BPA Platform is to use. If this is not done, the OAUTH flow in the browser window spawned by BPA Platform may complete successfully (depending on whether step 4 below has been done), however the tool will still complain at runtime that authorisation has not been granted.

    For further details see: Enable SMTP AUTH for specific mailboxes

  4. If only ‘Modern Authentication‘ is to be used (OAUTH2 with optional MFA) in line with Microsoft’s recommended practice, use the new OAUTH2 option in the BPA Platform Send Message tool. In addition, you must allow users to consent to the ‘ORBIS SOFTWARE LTD’ Azure application gaining necessary access to your companies Azure tenant.

    For further details see: How to Resolve the “Need Admin Approval” Error