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Office Automation System for Sage X3

Are you looking for an office automation system for Sage X3 that can automate everyday office tasks to improve productivity and streamline operational costs? Or are you looking to improve the consistency, frequency and quality of your customer, supplier or employee communications?

Codeless Platforms’ office automation Sage X3 solution can be used to automate practically any employee driven process to improve company performance, eradicate repetitive data entry task and streamline operational costs. BPA Platform provides you with the tools to automate practically any business process and integrate your business systems and applications, through intuitive drag and drop technology, to save your business time and money and reduce the risk of human error.

BPA Platform is an iPaaS solution that enables cloud-based, on-premises systems and cloud-to-cloud applications to talk to each other, enabling seamless system integration and business process automation capabilities.

Office Automation for Sage X3 Brochure

Office Automation for Sage X3 Brochure

Discover the commercial gains you can make by automating everyday office tasks.
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Office Automation System for Sage X3 Scenarios, Capabilities and Benefits

Common office automation scenarios for Sage X3 that our customers implement using BPA Platform include:

  • Data entry automation
  • Automated handling of website generated enquiries, e.g. web form into CRM and account manager allocation
  • Automated creation and distribution of departmental reports, e.g. sales and KPI reporting, stock and inventory reports, financial reports etc.
  • Dynamic enforcement of workflow approval processes
  • Business activity monitoring and reporting on the alteration of sensitive files or database fields
  • Data driven communications (email, SMS) with customers, suppliers or internal employees, e.g. customer support updates, order and delivery receipts and notifications, HR policy update notifications
  • Automated sales order management to fulfilment procedures

Common business process automation capabilities that our customers add to their existing business applications include:

  • Sage X3 integration: eCommerce integration with Sage X3, e.g. Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon etc., Warehouse Management Systems, courier services, CRM software, marketing solutions, payment systems and much more.
  • Workflow: Single or multi-level approvals, purchase order authorisation, discount approval, holiday approval etc.
  • Notifications and Alerts: Stock alerts, delivery notifications etc.
  • Report and document automation: Management reports, sales reports, financial reports etc.

Commercial benefits of Sage X3 automation with BPA Platform to improve company performance include:

  • Removal of repetitive, bi-directional data entry tasks from employee workloads
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased visibility into critical business information
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Ensure company and compliance procedures are adhered to 100% of the time
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Office Automation for Sage X3 Brochure

Office Automation for Sage X3 Brochure

Discover the commercial gains you can make by automating everyday office tasks.

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