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SAP Concur Integration with Accounting and ERP Systems

What is SAP Concur?

The SAP Concur platform helps businesses to manage business travel, invoices and expense management more efficiently. This visibility of all financial transactions and business critical information can be enhanced through drag and drop SAP Concur integration with your existing accounting and ERP systems.

SAP Concur is a leading provider of cloud-based business travel, expense and invoice management software for businesses of all sizes. It enables you and your employees to quickly and easily manage business travel data and expenses through a mobile device (e.g. laptop, smartphone or tablet). It provides you with full visibility into spend, helping you to control costs, save time, as well as ensuring policy and regulatory compliance.

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SAP Concur integration with accounting and ERP

SAP Concur provides you with easy-to-use dashboards and a comprehensive set of standard reports that help you to manage your company cash flow more effectively. For full visibility, the data generated in SAP Concur needs to be shared with your existing accounting and ERP systems.

SAP Concur connectors can fully integrate SAP Concur with existing business systems via the SAP Concur API. Integration with SAP Concur ensures that expense data captured in SAP Concur is properly posted to them.

SAP Concur integration with your existing business software can be achieved by using a drag and drop SAP Concur web connector built on Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform. This provides you with a user-friendly interface to access the SAP Concur web service and enable the simple mapping of data into SAP Concur objects and giving read/write access across a wide variety of tables.

The SAP Concur integration solution facilitates data synchronisation between your SAP Concur platform and another business system to automatically create journal entries or invoices in your ERP system when an expenses or payment reference workflow has completed in SAP Concur. This then enables workflows to be extended from SAP Concur into an ERP system where the invoice payment process can be completed.

Codeless Platforms’ drag and drop SAP Concur connectors can be rolled out in three days ensuring that the integration process is quick and easy with no software coding required for 95% of processes.

Concur Integration - Concur SAP List Item Synchronisation
Concur SAP List Item Synchronisation Process Example

Typical accounting and ERP systems you can integrate SAP Concur with

BPA Platform can integrate SAP Concur with practically any data source via ODBC, OLEDB, web services or 3rd party APIs through connectors. Our SAP Concur web services integration solution works with leading software vendors including SAP, Sage, Microsoft and Access Dimensions, Epicor and many more*. Typical Concur ERP integration requests include:

*If you don’t see your accounting or ERP system listed above, or if you have an industry specific or bespoke database application, contact us here.

What are the common SAP Concur integration scenarios?

Once you have integrated SAP Concur web services with your accounting or ERP system you will be able to extract (e.g. ODBC, OLEDB, web services) transform (e.g. XML to recordset or recordset to XML) and load data between SAP Concur and your other cloud-based or on-premises systems to automate a number of business processes including:

  • Automatic creation of general ledger entries
  • Automated sharing of financial information between SAP Concur and your other business systems
  • Automatic extraction of expenses data from SAP Concur
  • List item synchronisation e.g. for cost centres, profit centres, expenses to a specific project
  • SAP Concur invoice automation
  • Automated SAP Concur expense reporting including purchase orders
  • Automatic scheduling of supplier payments
  • Business partner and employee synchronisation
  • Expenses synchronisation including support for multi-currency

Integrating SAP Concur with BPA Platform removes bespoke integration project development times and costs and enables you to integrate multiple systems, automate processes and add automated business notifications. It will help you to significantly reduce costs, increase employee productivity and drive company profits.

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Concur Integration - Concur SAP Employee Synchronisation Example
SAP Concur SAP Employee Synchronisation Example

Out-of-the-box SAP Concur Connectors

Extracting expense data from Concur Expense

Concur Expense provides your business with pre-defined reports, dashboards and key-metrics to offer a comprehensive view into spending for improved cash flow management. Sharing this information with other business system helps to improve visibility and to fully manage expense processes.

Current out-of-the box Concur Expense connectors include:

Our Concur Expense connector, which has been developed using BPA Platform, utilises the SAP Concur API to provide you with the automatic flow of data to remove manual data extracts and imports that can lead to errors and SAP Concur reporting delays.

Users of Codeless Platforms’ Concur Expense connector can use the SAP Concur platform to track employee expenses and upon approval, automatically have journal entries created in their ERP system against that employee’s expenses activity.

Automating the transfer of PO invoices from Concur Invoice

Concur Invoice enables your finance team to schedule automated supplier payments, BACs, cheques and credit card feeds. This helps to improve employee productivity and provide accurate forecasting. Concur Invoice can compare invoices to purchase orders and records of received goods and services. This saves you time and ensures supplier compliance.

Current out-of-the box Concur Invoice connectors include:

Codeless Platforms’ Concur Invoice connector makes it possible to automatically create purchase invoices in an accounting/ERP system that relate to purchase requisitions/orders created in SAP Concur that have a goods receipt note logged against them or have completed a specific workflow.

These purchase orders may have been through a value-based workflow approval process in Concur Invoice and have a supplier payment reference against them, the details of which will be used to create the invoice within your business software.

Checking for errors and creating SAP Concur invoices

PO invoice data can be automatically extracted from Concur Invoice and then passed through a verification process. This can include an additional feature that checks for errors. Once completed, the Concur Invoice connector can then automatically create purchase invoices and make general ledger entries. This provides you with a timely, accurate and complete financial picture.

The Benefits of SAP Concur Integration

SAP Concur integration with your accounting or ERP system can provide you with streamlined processes. Once SAP Concur integration is in place you will improve employee productivity, reduce repetitive data entry tasks and associated errors. Additional benefits that our customers experience include:

  • Improvement to the expense management process via automation, simplification and speed
  • Increased visibility into all expenses and optimised spend
  • Improved compliance procedures with policies and regulations
  • Removal of manual data extracts that can lead to errors and delays in reporting
  • Ability to schedule supplier payments, and more accurately forecast and manage cash flow
  • No software coding required for 95% of processes reducing development times and costs

For more information on how Codeless Platforms’ out-of-the-box SAP Concur integration solutions can help your business, download the brochure below or call us on +44(0) 330 99 88 700.

SAP Concur Integration Brochure

SAP Concur Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating SAP Concur with ERP systems can help manage finances.

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