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EKM Sage 200 Integration

Do you need an EKM Sage 200 integration solution to remove manual administration from processing EKM sales orders into Sage 200? Or do you need a solution to ensure products, stock and pricing are always up-to-date in your EKM Pro store?

Codeless Platforms’ EKM Pro integration with Sage 200 removes the need for repetitive bi-directional administration by removing the manual processes that surround order management including the downloading and uploading of customer details, sales orders, products, stock and pricing.

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EKM Pro Sage 200 Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common EKM Pro integration scenarios with Sage 200 that our customers implement using BPA Platform include:

  • Automatically process sales orders from EKM Pro to Sage 200 including: Customer billing and shipping address, delivery methods, payment information, product and order details
  • Automatically update order status from EKM to Sage 200
  • Automatic product updates from Sage 200 to EKM including product SKU, description, product weight and dimensions, retail price and available stock levels
  • Automated pricing updates from Sage 200 to EKM
  • Automatically check for errors and send an alert via email if a sales process fails

Common commercial benefits achieved through EKM Pro integration include:

  • Removal of repetitive data entry and administration errors between EKM and Sage 200
  • Decreased order to dispatch times
  • Increased visibility of inventory levels
  • Enhanced employee and company productivity
  • Reduced operational costs at peak seasonal times
  • Improved customer satisfaction
Download Brochure
EKM Sage 200 Integration Brochure

EKM Sage 200 Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating EKM with Sage 200 significantly improves order management processes, reduces fulfilment times and drives company revenues.

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