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SYSPRO Holiday Request Approval

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SYSPRO Holiday Request Approval

Are you looking for flexible SYSPRO holiday request approval workflow software to manage your holiday request procedures? Or, would you benefit from holiday workflows being automatically directed to line managers and published to an employee self-service portal or written back into your HR solution?

Codeless Platforms' vacation request approval workflow software for SYSPRO enables HR teams to automate the distribution of single or multilevel holiday authorisation requests to reduce administration from HR team workloads, enforce business procedures and optimise employee availability.

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SYSPRO Holiday Request Approvals Scenarios

Common vacation request workflow approval scenarios that our customers implement when using BPA Platform with SYSPRO ERP include:

  • Create single or multilevel level holiday approval workflows
  • Dynamically present line manager(s) with existing holiday information within the workflow approval request
  • Automate the upload of approved holiday requests to a HR self-service portal so that all departments can see holidays booked by employees
  • Automatically update your HR software with holidays approved
  • Automate the creation and delivery of email or SMS notifications to inform managers when x number of team members have requested holiday leave for the same date period

Commercial benefits achieved through vacation request workflow approval software for SYSPRO include:

  • Increase the visibility of employee holidays
  • Avoid holiday clashes within departments
  • Reduce employee administration
  • Enforce company procedures
  • Improved departmental resource planning
  • Achieve a 100% audit trail of a holiday requests approved and declined
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SYSPRO Integration

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