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SYSPRO Automated Customer Renewals

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SYSPRO Automated Customer Renewals

Are you looking for a SYSPRO automated customer renewals solution to improve customer retention levels and reduce operational costs for manual renewal processes?

Codeless Platforms’ customer retention automation and membership management solution for SYSPRO provides you with a powerful business process automation platform to automate the costly and error prone manual processes that are critical to the customer renewal process.

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SYSPRO Customer Renewal Automation Scenarios and Benefits

Common customer renewal automation processes often implemented by BPA Platform for SYSPRO users include:

  • Automated business alerts when valuable customers approach the end of their contract/subscription period
  • Automated creation and distribution of personalised email communications that are unique to customer/subscriber data
  • Automatic creation and distribution of call centre call lists based on business rules
  • Automated creation and distribution of internal sales, financial and management reports
  • Automatic creation, printing, and distribution of personalised direct mail via a mail fulfilment house
  • Automatic creation and distribution of welcome packs or related product/services upsell communications

Commercial benefits achieved through implementing automated customer renewals for SYSPRO include:

  • Reduced attrition and associated costs
  • Removal of time-consuming manual data entry and administration tasks from the renewal process
  • Improved financial performance and operational costs
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased customer renewal rates
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SYSPRO Integration

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Report & Document Automation

Report & Document Automation

The Report & Document Automation capability automates the creation and distribution of internal or external reports or documents.

Drag and drop scheduler

Automate the creation and distribution of reports and documents via a drag and drop scheduler or database event tools.

Automate reporting tools

Automate popular reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, SSRS (server and local mode) and reporting engines native to a business application.

Save and send

Ensure copies of all reports and documents are saved to both a network location or sent via email, FTP or print.
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