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Using Shopify Web Services with the Web Service Connector Tool

Shopify Web Services – Web Service Connector Tool

Using the Web Service Connector tool and the Shopify Web services API, TaskCentre can be used to interact with your Shopify store. Common interactions would involve the download of sales orders and the upload of inventory and price changes.

For TaskCentre to carry out requests on your behalf, your store root URL and a set of Shopify web access credentials must be supplied. The Shopify API requires you to supply the following when making a web call:

  • API Key
  • Secret Key

This article will show you how to obtain these keys from Shopify and where they need to be placed within the Web Service Connector tool.

Download Web Service Connector Tool Whitepaper Download Shopify Connector Tool Whitepaper

Shopify Web Service – Obtaining the Root URL, API and Secret Keys

To complete this procedure you must have a Shopify Partner account. The keys are obtained from an App that you have linked to your Shopify store.

  1. Login to your Shopify Partner account.
  2. Select Apps from the menu pane.
  3. Select the app linked to your store and make a note of the following:
    • Callback URL (Root URL)
    • API Key
    • Credential Sets (Secret Key)

shopify web services-root-api-secretFigure 1. Shopify Partners Account Interface – Apps.

Web Service Connector – Supplying the Root URL

The Shopify root URL will be similar to the following; in this example ‘demostore-143’ is the name of our Shopify store.

Within the Web Service Connector global configuration, the root URL is entered into the Web Service Root tab of your Shopify web service connection:

shopify web services-root-url

Figure 2. Web Service Connector – Global Configuration – Web Service Root tab.

Web Service Connector – Supplying the API and Secret Key

The API and Secret keys are supplied as the username and password using Basic/Digest authentication.

Within the Authentication tab select the option Basic / Digest authentication.

  • The Username requires the API key.
  • The Password requires the Secret key.

shopify web services-authentication

Figure 3. Authentication Tab – Supplying the API and Secret keys.

This completes the procedure for supplying the Web Service Connector tool with your Shopify store root URL, API and Secret keys.

For further reading on Shopify integration and our templated solution visit: Shopify Connector Tool, or download the whitepaper below.

White Paper - Shopify Integration Tool v1.0.7

White Paper - Shopify Integration Tool v1.0.7

The Shopify Integration tool allows communication between BPA Platform and Shopify. All communication uses XML. You use the tool to map BPA Platform data to Shopify objects and operations. Operations such as, ADD, UPDATE, GET, and DELETE, are supported for a variety of business objects, such as, Product, Customer and Order.