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Mozenda is an application that can read data from web pages (sometimes called screen scraping). Tasks can be built that run Mozenda and return the data to TaskCentre. Within TaskCentre you can…

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Introduction This article will detail the steps necessary to authenticate the TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool with the Twitter API. The Twitter API allows you to connect any ERP, CRMor other businesssoftware…

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EasyWebstore e-Commerce

Summary Easywebstore provide a hosted e-commerce solution ( This solution has a SOAP API which can be accessed with the TaskCentre Web Service Connector tool. This article describes how a connection to…

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Summary The Volusion e-commerce system contains product, orders and customer data. If you need to extract some of this data, perhaps for integration into another system, for some business process automation or…

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Introduction The Web Service Connector Tool can be used to automate calls to the REST Web Service API exposed by Zendesk. This allows you to integrate the creation and management of support…

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Summary SurveyGizmo ( is an online web application which helps you create and monitor online surveys. The SurveyGizmo API allows you to control the SurveyGizmo application programmatically. This article explains how to…

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Introduction TaskCentre’s Web Service Connector Tool can be used to automate calls to any of the collection of web services provided by UPS. These web services enable the automation of a broad…

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