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EasyWebstore e-Commerce


Easywebstore provide a hosted e-commerce solution ( This solution has a SOAP API which can be accessed with the TaskCentre Web Service Connector tool.

This article describes how a connection to this service is established. Once established TaskCentre can be used for integrating your ERP, CRM, Accounts or Warehousing and distribution systems with Easywebstore.

This integration can be used to maintain products, prices, stocks and orders between your systems, removing unnecessary manual work and increasing your data accuracy.


  1. When signing up for an account you will be given access to your admin area. In the admin area open Store settings -> API Details and click Generate API Key. Keep a note of the Store ID and API Key.
  2. Open TaskCentre and navigate to the Web Service Connector tool global configuration: System -> Tools -> Execute -> Web Service Connector.
  3. Click Add to begin adding a new web service configuration.
  4. Give the web service configuration a name, select the second option and enter the URL of the WSDL file which is currently:
  5. Constants will now be created to store the store ID and the API key. Select the Constants tab and create two constants to hold the two parameters.  These parameters will be used when configuring task steps to authenticate web service calls.
  6. All of the operations available can now be seen on the Operations tab. You can use the Test button to test a service if required.
  7. Click OK to close the dialog which will complete the setup.

The web service will now be available for selection using a Web Service Connector step in TaskCentre.

EasyWebstore Integration Brochure

EasyWebstore Integration Brochure

Learn how BPA Platforms' drag and drop tools are used to integrate EasyWebstore with your business software to improve order management processes.