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Should You Build or Buy Software Applications

The ‘Build or Buy Software’ dilemma for organisations evaluating a new business application is long established, and one that has been the focus of heated debate between IT professionals and senior decision makers. This debate was often complex and challenging because of the variety of systems used within the organisation’s current IT landscape as well as the personal preferences.

However, with the advent of cloud technology and, more specifically, Platform as-a-Service (PaaS), has this debate finally moved on to a definitive conclusion?

What’s Inside?

  • The old debate
  • The build or buy software comparison
  • Building an application from scratch
  • Extending a packaged solution
  • Managing processes through workflows and processes
  • Typical scenarios that indicate PaaS could be right for your organisation


With the impact of PaaS technology it’s clear to see that building custom applications is now a very real option, both technically and financially, for organisations of any size.

eBook: Should You Buy or Build New Applications?

eBook: Should You Buy or Build New Applications?

Discover the freedom of building flexible applications to meet business requirements and financial budgets.

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