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How FDs can Reduce the Costs of eCommerce

Without question eCommerce has opened up new revenue streams for both B2B and B2C organisations, and online spend increases as each year passes. In response, finance professionals have adapted to digital life with ease and accounted for the costs of doing business online.

However, the eCommerce industry is now mature and with this comes new pressures. Merely having an online store is no longer good enough to compete. Organisations now need an online store that is ‘cost competitive’ and financial professionals have an important role to play.

What’s Inside?

  • How to identify the hidden costs of eCommerce
  • How financial professionals reduce or completely eradicate hidden costs
  • How financial professionals kick start an eCommerce integration project
  • What is the overall goal of removing hidden costs from eCommerce?


The first step any financial professional should conduct is to identify exactly the monthly and yearly costs being incurred by the organisation to manually process data entry created by eCommerce transactions.

eBook: How FDs Can Reduce the Costs of eCommerce

eBook: How FDs Can Reduce the Costs of eCommerce

Discover the financial gains your business can achieve by automating everyday data entry tasks without requiring additional resource to process higher volumes of business.

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