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A Guide to IT Process Automation

Learn about IT Process Automation (ITPA) and how the IT department can utilise ITPA Tools to improve its internal business processes and be the main driver for your organisation’s digital transformation strategy by identifying areas where manual administration can be reduced to save time and reduce operational costs.

Internal IT processes are an integral part of an organisation, ITPA can be used in scenarios where traditional, manual human interaction is required such as database monitoring, managing service requests and optimising disk space capacity in servers. Removing the reliance placed on time starved employees improves data consistency and aids decision making.

This eBook focuses on the essentual role of ITPA Tools as a monitoring and alerting solution within the IT department with the added ability to integrate business systems and automate data across the business. It details common use cases of IT process automation, the difference between ITPA and RPA, the benefits of ITPA and how you can plan your digital transformation project.

What’s Inside?

  • Improving performance with IT process automation
  • What is ITPA?
  • What is the difference between ITPA and RPA?
  • What are ITPA Tools?
  • Understanding Tasks, Tools and Steps
  • IT process automation use cases and examples
  • Commercial benefits of ITPA


Aligning business processes across IT functions and ensuring that isolated and siloed processes are in keeping with business goals can be an effective route to digital transformation.

eBook: A Guide to IT Process Automation Tools

eBook: A Guide to IT Process Automation Tools

Discover how your IT department can utilise IT process automation tools to improve its departmental processes and be the main driver for your organisation’s digital transformation strategy.

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