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eCommerce Marketing: How do Some Marketers Stand Out From the Crowd?

If you’re working in an eCommerce marketing function you’ll be familiar with the pressures this role brings. Juggling your working day between social media, direct email, content production, product updates, PPC, Affiliate marketing SEO, data transfers to a CRM application and so many more activities means that you are stretched for time every day.

Successful eCommerce professionals create time for core activities that push the business forward by eradicating time consuming processes from their working day. They achieve this by automating the structured, repetitive tasks they conduct each day.

What’s Inside?

  • The influence of talent and time
  • Common tasks automated By eCommerce professionals and why
  • What do eCommerce professionals automate first and how?
  • Reducing the risks of integration


There are numerous methods for integrating eShops with other applications, but the more astute eCommerce professional will opt for a centralised ‘platform’ or ‘hub.’ This is because business processes transgress multiple departments and systems.

eBook: eCommerce - How Do Some Marketers Stand Out From the Crowd?

eBook: eCommerce - How Do Some Marketers Stand Out From the Crowd?

Learn how eCommerce marketers are overcoming numerous challenges to drive eCommerce sales forward and enhance their career.

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