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Spreadsheets vs. Database Applications

Data is one of the most valuable commodities that an organisation holds. It can range from sales, orders and customer contact details to product information, stock levels and employee information. It can be used to drive company growth, improve customer service as well as to exploit new opportunities.

It is therefore astonishing how many businesses still compile and store critical data in spreadsheets these days. For some very small businesses this is perhaps understandable, but for most organisations, which surprisingly includes many Fortune 500 businesses, it doesn’t seem logical.

Spreadsheets are cumbersome to retrieve data instantly, are exposed to potential data corruption and offer little or no data validation. Simple human errors can also skew formulas, equations, and figures resulting in inaccurate budgets, forecasts and other business processes.

What’s Inside?

  • Spreadsheets vs. Database Applications overview
  • The problems with spreadsheets
  • The benefits of database applications
  • Integrating applications with back office systems
  • Building an application in a few simple clicks


Web-based applications simply provide a much more logical and flexible method for managing lists and critical data in this era of cloud and mobile computing. Isn’t it about time to move on from an archaic past-time?

eBook: Spreadsheets vs. Database Applications

eBook: Spreadsheets vs. Database Applications

Discover why spreadsheets can be harmful for your business and how easy it is to replace them with a more flexible cloud-based database application.

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