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Shopify ERP Integration

Are you looking for a customisable Shopify ERP integration solution to automate Shopify orders and products between your Shopify store and ERP system?

Codeless Platforms' Shopify ERP integration enables organisations to quickly and easily integrate applications and streamline repetitive and costly order management processes. Codeless Platforms is a Shopify Plus Technology Partner and provides Shopify Plus partners and customers with an easy-to-use Shopify connector. It caters for both B2C and B2B integrations and provides companies of any size with drag-and-drop tools to simplify access to the Shopify API, allowing businesses to automate the upload and download of order information between in-house business systems and Shopify.

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Shopify ERP Integration Brochure

Shopify ERP Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Shopify with your ERP software significantly improves order management processes and drives company revenues.
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Shopify ERP Integration Scenarios and Benefits

BPA Platforms’ Shopify connector, simplifies communication between BPA Platform and your Shopify store. You use the drag and drop tool to map BPA Platform data to Shopify objects and operations. Operations such as, ADD, UPDATE, GET, and DELETE, are supported for a variety of business objects, such as, Product, Customer and Order.

Standard operations of our customisable Shopify ERP integration connector include:

Automatically download sales orders from Shopify, Shopify Plus and Shopify’s point of sale system (POS) and insert them into your business software without the need for manual input.  This means that any sales made using this system will automatically synchronise with your ERP system.

Download sales orders from Shopify to your ERP system:

  • Customer shipping details
  • Delivery method, as selected by the customer e.g. Courier and delivery timeframe
  • Product description, product code and quantity required
  • Payment details including Transaction ID

Upload ERP sales order status to Shopify: Once an order is marked as fulfilled in your ERP system, automatically inform customers with:

  • Order status updates
  • Courier tracking information

Download products from Shopify: Automatically download your store products at scheduled intervals. This will allow for the upkeep of product inventory and price changes.

Upload ERP stock level and price changes to Shopify: Automatically update Shopify with product related changes made within your ERP system, such as:

  • Product stock levels
  • Product prices changes

Shopify point of sale (POS): Whether a sale is made on the website or via a separate ‘checkout terminal’, Shopify orders will still automatically be inserted into your business ERP and can be identified as a web or EPOS source.

Part shipments: Ship order items when they become available.

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Custom Shopify Integration features:

Our Shopify integration solution is open to customisation which enables you to tailor it to your exact requirements. Common examples of customisation that our customers have implemented with the Shopify integration connector include:

  • Multiple Shopify stores
  • PIM Shopify integration to ensure catalogue consistency across all business systems and marketplaces
  • Configurable products e.g. customisation of a product where multiple choice options within a product listings are available
  • Allow for multiple payment methods
  • Payment reconciliation e.g. automatically check if payment for an order has reached the vendors bank account before an order can be shipped

"We produce candles using traditional methods and sustainable production. We were introduced to Codeless Platforms by Shopify as we required an integration solution for SAP Business One. We have been extremely impressed with the functionality of BPA Platform and plan to use it to automate other areas of our business."

Harry Young-Jamieson, Director, St Eval Candle Company

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Common commercial benefits achieved through Shopify ERP integration include:

  • Improved customer service levels
  • Substantially diminished order fulfilment times
  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Eliminated frequent data entry actions and the capacity for human error

"Following a recommendation from Shopify, Statement work with Codeless Platforms on a variety of integration projects with various systems including NAV, Sage 50, Sage 200 and SAP B1. We find Codeless to be knowledgeable, professional and – most importantly – understanding of our client's needs."

Tom Smith, Technical Director, Statement
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Shopify ERP Integration Brochure

Shopify ERP Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Shopify with your ERP software significantly improves order management processes and drives company revenues.

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