Magento Integration Services to Improve eCommerce Performance

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Magento Integration Services

Codeless Platforms provides both Magento users and Magento development agencies with market proven Magento integration services through its BPA Platform. BPA Platform is an iPaaS Platform that enables cloud-based, on-premises systems and cloud to cloud applications to talk to each other. The Magento integration solution is compatible with both Magento and Magento 2 and simplifies integration between your Magento store and primary business systems, such as ERP and accounting systems, and CRM software.

Once configured, the solution removes the need for manual administration by automating manual eCommerce processes, such as downloading and uploading customer details, sales orders, products, stock and pricing. The Magento integration pack also provides notification and alerting capabilities to provide real time, event-driven communications so that you receive the information you need, when you need it.

Our Professional Services team can help you plan your Magento integration project and execute solutions that are a 100% fit every time, providing you with direct implementation and expert services. This is essential to getting solutions up and running quickly and correctly so that you can gain increased functionality and ROI from your existing business systems as soon as possible.

"It’s a true integration solution for retail which requires no manual administration, until the point that bank statements come in, which then need to be reconciled. It works a treat. Introducing Codeless Platforms’ solution has meant that we’re running at a third of what was originally envisioned for staffing, and it's working successfully."

IT Manager, Nottingham Forest Football Club
Nottingham Forest FC used BPA Platform to integrate Magento, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and DPD

Magento Integration Services

Identifying and Evaluating the right Magento Integration Service

When it comes to eCommerce integration, choosing the right solution partner to work with is paramount to a pain free and successful implementation. A Magento integration specialist will be able to show a proven track record in configuring the right integration solution to suit your business needs so that there is always a 100% fit around the way your business operates. Choosing a solution that is not flexible and can’t be adapted to suit business requirements as and when they change can result in added strains on IT infrastructure and process complications further down the line.

When identifying and evaluating a Magento integration agency or provider to work with there are several key characteristics that you should consider. These include:

  • Reputation: Look for a Magento integration solution that has a market proven reputation for eCommerce integration.
  • Case Studies: Make sure that they have documented case studies around Magento integration with ERP software.
  • Testimonials: Written or verbal testimonials from other users about the vendor and its integration solution.
  • Partners: Research to see if they have an established and well-structured partner channel. Partners that specialise in providing ERP systems and other primary business applications look to work with the best integration platforms to provide their customers with proven solutions.
  • Knowledge: Ensure your chosen Magento integration service has knowledge of planning business process automation strategy, mapping eCommerce processes and executing these plans.
  • Experience: Look for an integration specialist that has market proven experience in multiple business solution channels, such as SAP, Sage, Microsoft etc.
  • Accredited development status: Ensure that your integration partner has accredited development status with mainstream business software vendors, e.g. SAP, Sage, Microsoft, Access, SYSPRO etc.
  • User training: Check to see if they provide user training on the solution so that you can adapt changes when required, or if your business system reseller can perform any changes.

Download the business process management strategy and eCommerce process flow workbooks below to help you to identify the key business processes that you would like to automate. Additionally, it will help you to define the systems and eCommerce processes that are run manually within the project.

BPA Strategy Workbook Mapping eCommerce Processes

What is Magento Integration?

Magento integration with ERP systems provides organisations with the ability to quickly and easily automate manual administration tasks that are included in any number of eCommerce processes, ranging from order processing to managing products and inventory. An integration can be achieved by calling the Magento API to push and pull data to and from Magento with your other primary business systems.

Typically, a business looking to automate its eCommerce processes will look to synchronise data, such as order details, customer and shipping information, product descriptions, pricing and inventory levels. The data synchronisation happens between Magento and other business systems, such as ERP, CRM, customer returns portal and courier services. The aim of automating eCommerce processes is to improve operational efficiency, reduce data administration time, costs and errors, reduce order to fulfilment times and costs, increase the visibility of critical business information and to provide customers with a seamless end-to-end transaction.

Common Magento integration services requested by BPA Platform users include:

Magento ERP Integration

Magento integration with ERP is one of the most requested Magento integrations that we are asked to implement. Magento ERP integration provides you with the ability to push and pull essential eCommerce data between your Magento eCommerce platform and ERP system. An ERP system holds customer, stock and payment information, making Magento integration with ERP an essential business requirement.

Magento Process Flow

Example: Magento ERP integration process flow using BPA Platform

Codeless Platforms has accredited development status with leading ERP vendors and can work with practically any ERP system. Some of the most common ERP systems that we get asked to work with include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Epicor
  • Exact
  • Access Dimensions

Contact us if your ERP system is not listed. BPA Platform can connect to practically any database source via ODBC, OLEDB, web services or an extensive range of supported third-party APIs through connectors.

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Magento Integration with Accounting Software

Magento integration with accounting software provides you with the ability to automatically export Magento orders, credit notes and payments between your Magento store and accounting software, such as Sage, Access, Microsoft Dynamics and many more leading accounting systems. It saves you time and administration errors from payment reconciliations, bookkeeping, raising purchase order invoices, creating accounts receivable (AR) invoices and incoming payments and financial reporting.

Magento CRM Integration

Magento CRM integration provides you with the added ability to improve the management of customer accounts and relationships. It frees up time from transferring data from Magento and website enquiry forms, and assigning sales leads to relevant employees. BPA Platform facilitates integration between Magento and leading CRM systems such as:

Magento EDI Integration

Magento EDI integration provides you with the ability to monitor key EDI information, digitise and integrate any business data to improve partner trading relationships and improve performance within your supply chain. Magento EDI integration facilitates the automation of receiving and sending electronic orders, invoices and shipping notes, as well as being able to automatically push important data back into business systems with rules-based workflow approvals.

Magento Marketing Integration

Magento marketing integration and automation removes time-consuming tasks from marketing activities such as synchronising subscriber lists and email unsubscribes. Email marketing integration enables you to automate the creation and delivery of campaigns for upsell opportunities and to support unplanned campaigns for slow moving stock or back in stock marketing activity. BPA Platform facilitates integration between Magento and leading email marketing platforms such as:

  • HubSpot
  • MailChimp
  • dotdigital
  • Spotler
  • Marketo

Magento Payment Gateway Integration

Our Magento payment gateway integration solutions enable you to remove the daily routine and administrative cost associated with bank reconciliation whilst automatically updating your business systems with customer information. A typical Magento payment gateway integration provides the ability to automatically check if a payment for a sales order in Magento has successfully reached the vendor's bank account before an order can be shipped. BPA Platform is often used to integrate leading payment gateway services such as:

  • Stripe
  • Worldpay
  • PayPal
  • Sage Pay

Magento PIM Integration

A product information management (PIM) system helps you to maintain catalogue consistency across your business systems and sales channels. Codeless Platforms’ Magento integration service can also provide you with a dedicated PIM for Magento that can be easily integrated with your other business systems. It’s suitable for both B2B and B2C organisations, providing a centralised system to increase the visibility and consistency of product information across multiple sales channels, such as Amazon, OnBuy, eBay, print catalogues and POS solutions.

PIM for Magento - Magento Integration Services

Image: PIM for Magento - Product Information Management System

Magento Shipping Integration

Our Magento shipping integration solution automatically extracts data from your Magento store or ERP system to dynamically place consignments with your preferred couriers. Additional automated processes that can be achieved include the automatic printing of pick lists and labels with delivery tracking automatically placed into your ERP system. BPA Platform can be used to integrate Magento with leading courier services such as:

  • DPD
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Hermes
  • Parcelforce
  • DHL

Download Magento Integration Brochure

Magento Integration Examples and Scenarios

Magento integration services with ERP and other primary business systems can be used to streamline your eCommerce processes to reduce operational costs, eradicate data entry errors and improve customer service levels. Once configured, the Magento integration solution will automate your entire eCommerce process, from start to finish, without employee intervention, unless specified in your process mapping. All manual tasks such as downloading orders and uploading customer details, products, stock, and pricing will be removed, thus improving business efficiency and productivity. In addition to the initial Magento integration with ERP, BPA Platform provides you with alerting and notification capability and will dynamically check for errors and send an internal alert if a sales process fails. Common Magento and ERP integration scenarios and touchpoints requested by organisations using BPA Platform include:

Magento Customer Account Integration

Automate the management of customer accounts, including new, existing and guest accounts, from sales orders placed in Magento. Details pulled down from Magento and placed into your ERP system, such as customer details, billing/shipping address etc.

Magento Order Management Integration

Automatically process all sales orders from Magento and place them into your ERP system. Including information such as product description, product code, quantity ordered, customer billing/shipping, delivery method, payment method etc.

Automatically upload the ERP sales order status to your Magento store. This works in conjunction with the fulfilment (part shipment, full shipment) and transactional order status logic embedded into Magento.

Automate the creation of incoming AR (account receivable) invoice and incoming payments.

"We introduced Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform to create the link between Access Dimensions and Magento. However, we also realised that the BPA Platform’s flexibility meant we could use it in the future to integrate other company systems and automate a wide-range of business processes."

Marketing Manager, Videcon Ltd
Videcon Ltd used BPA Platform to integrate Magento with Access Dimensions

Magento Inventory Integration

Automatically update inventory from your ERP system when changes in inventory are identified by BPA Platform, and update inventory levels on your Magento store at scheduled intervals.

Automatically update your Magento store with retail price changes made in your ERP system at scheduled intervals.

Magento Product Update Automation

Product synchronisation will be performed daily out of normal working hours to make sure all product details are up to date in Magento, and any new products are uploaded when added to your ERP systems item master catalogue. When a product is unavailable it will be obscured on the web shop. Product SKU, description, tax class, weight, retail price and on hand inventory quantity are uploaded.

Magento Alerts and Magento Out of Stock Notification

Include Magento alerts, such as a ‘watchdog’ task, to identify where the transaction is, check for errors and send an internal alert if a sales process fails.

Automate the creation and delivery of Magento out of stock notifications, product alerts and re-order points from database triggers and business rules to ensure that stock levels are consistent.

Additional Magento integration scenarios

Due to its ability to integrate any number of databases and automate practically any business process, BPA Platform can be configured to provide your business with a 100% fit to meet your exact business processes at any time. Additional integrations that sit outside of the Magento integration tool pack that can be implemented include:

  • Magento PIM integration
  • Automatic Magento pick list creation
  • Purchase Order (PO) automation
  • Automated dispatch note creation
  • Shipping notifications and delivery alerts
  • Ability to accommodate configurable products where multiple-choice options within a product listing are available
  • Support for multiple payment methods and split payment
  • Automated bank reconciliation and integration with online payment gateways, e.g. Stripe, PayPal, Sage Pay, WorldPay etc.
  • Courier service integration, e.g. DHL, DPD, Parcelforce, Hermes, FedEx etc.
  • Magento CRM integration, e.g. Salesforce, Infor CRM, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM etc.

Start mapping your Magento eCommerce process to establish the key areas that can benefit through automation by downloading the workbook below.

How to Map an eCommerce Process

How to Integrate ERP into a Magento Platform using the Magento Connector

Codeless Platforms provides Magento integration services through its dedicated Magento Connector. Being an iPaaS Platform, it can facilitate integrations between cloud to cloud application integration and hybrid integration environments for cloud to on-premises and on-premises to cloud integration scenarios. The Magento Connector must be installed on the BPA Platform service and on any BPA Platform client machines. This provides seamless communication and translation between BPA Platform data and the Magento objects and operations.

The Magento integration tool simplifies communication between BPA Platform, Magento and your ERP system. All communication uses XML, and the tool is used to map BPA Platform data to Magento objects and operations. Operations, such as Add, Update, Get, and Delete, are supported for a variety of business objects, including Product, Customer and Order. A full list of supported objects can be found in the supporting whitepaper.

The diagram below provides you with a high-level system architecture overview of the Magento integration tool pack, with BPA Platform and the Magento REST API.

Magento integration architecture

Image: Magento Integration Services using BPA Platform

The XML responses that are received back from the Magento API can be saved to file or passed to another BPA Platform tool for additional processing. The responses can include details of the object that has been requested, any errors from the provider, or the values of any automatically generated ID fields. As an example, you can use the Magento integration solution to provide an indirect link between your other business systems that do not typically synchronise data between each other. This can range from synchronising contacts from your CRM system as Magento customers, importing sales orders into your ERP system, or even to provide sales or product reports containing data from both systems.

Magento Integration Tool Whitepaper

What is Magento API?

The Magento API provides developers and third-party Magento integration services with a framework to ensure that web services can easily communicate with your Magento store. The Magento API supports SOAP and REST services. An API (Application Programming Interface) ensures that data can be read to and from multiple data sources.

Codeless Platforms’ Magento Connector utilises the Magento REST API to dynamically request and receive data responses between systems and facilitate Magento ERP integration. The Magento connector exposes Magento objects and operations available within the API. In turn, the Magento API provides XML responses which can then be passed to another BPA Platform tool for additional processing, perform further automated tasks or be saved to file.

At the time of writing, the following Magento API objects and operations are supported:

ModuleMagento ObjectGetAddUpdateDeleteEmailOtherComment
Additional operation:
  • Move
Category Attribute
Category Link
Product Attribute
Product Attribute Option
Product Website Link
  • Get Countries and Regions
SalesCredit Memo
  • Get Credit Memo
  • Get Credit Memo by ID
  • Email Credit Memo
Credit Memo Comment
  • Get Credit Memo Comment
  • Add Credit Memo Comment
Invoice Order
Additional operations:
  • Add comment
  • Cancel order
  • Hold order
  • Release order
Order Address
Order Item
Refund Invoice
Additional operations:
  • Create Refund for Invoice. Use this service if the invoice was created using an online payment method.
Refund Order
Additional operations:
  • Create Refund for Order. Use this service if the invoice was created using an offline payment method.
Ship Order

For additional information on how to configure a connection to your Magento store, download the whitepaper below.

Magento Integration Tool Whitepaper

What Operating Systems are Supported for Magento Integration?

The Magento integration tool is compatible with Magento and Magento 2 implementations. At the time of writing, Codeless Platforms’ Magento connector tool requires BPA Platform 4.6 or above, supported operating systems and hardware specifications are as follows:

    Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server / R2
  • Microsoft Windows 2016 Server 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 2019 Server 64-bit
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2

    Minimum Hardware Specification

  • Dual 2Ghz Processor Cores
  • 4 GB of available memory
  • 1.5 GB available Disk space
  • 1280x1024 desktop

How much does Magento Integration cost?

Codeless Platforms’ Magento integration services start from £300 per month, depending on integration complexity, systems integrated, and configuration days required.

"We needed a solution to deliver an end-to-end solution for our eCommerce service and BPA Platform has allowed us to achieve that. You don't really need a coding or developer skill set."

Head of IT, inov-8
invo-8 use BPA Platform to automate order fulfilment processes via Microsoft Dynamics AX, eCommerce, B2B portal and courier services

Benefits of Magento Integration

Integrating Magento with other primary business systems to achieve an all-in-one business solution removes repetitive eCommerce tasks that cost time and money. By removing the hidden eCommerce costs through automation, it helps organisations to strategically drive company revenue and concentrate on the tasks that matter, such as marketing products, upselling and improving customer and supplier relationships.

The advantage of using market proven integration solutions, such as BPA Platform, is that you can quickly and easily scale your business operations up or down, as and when business needs dictate. This can range from increasing product lines, changing day-to-day processes or systems and automating other areas of the business to meet strategic goals. It will help to protect against future upgrades of existing and legacy business systems and reduce the strain that can be placed on IT infrastructure through other solutions, such as point to point or custom integration solutions.

Additional key benefits of Magento integration with your other business systems include:

  • Removal of repetitive data entry errors, e.g. mis categorisation of a product, wrong customer shipping address etc.
  • Reduced order processing times and costs
  • Improved order to fulfilment times
  • Improved customer data and product information across business systems
  • Increased visibility into inventory management and catalogue consistency

Magento Integration Services Next Steps

Whether you are a Magento user or a Magento development agency, when using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform for Magento integration you will achieve significant cost savings and productivity gains throughout your business.

Automating business processes requires a solid understanding of data and a comprehensive knowledge of source or target applications. Codeless Platforms has a proven track record in deploying Magento integration solutions, and has accredited partner status with well-known ISVs, such as SAP, Microsoft and Sage, along with industry-specific applications and systems in many economic regions.

Through collaboration with ISVs and leading channel VARs, specialist features have been built into BPA Platform to provide you with an end-to-end automated business. This provides organisations with the ability to create a solution that is completely personalised to their internal applications and business operations.

Codeless Platforms' professional services team can help you to plan your business process automation project and execute solutions that are a 100% fit every time. Our Professional Services team provides direct implementation and expert services essential to getting solutions up and running quickly and correctly so that you can achieve additional value from your business systems as soon as possible. Start planning your business process automation project by downloading the workbooks below or call us on +44 (0)330 99 88 700.

BPA Strategy Workbook Mapping eCommerce Processes

Magento Integration Brochure

Magento Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Magento with your business software significantly improves order management processes and drives company revenues.

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