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Upgrading TaskCentre — From v4.1 to BPA Platform 2018 Update 1

Introduction This article describes how to upgrade TaskCentre v4.1. The upgrade must be completed in stages as a single jump from v4.1 to v2018 Update 1 is not possible. Because of this, this article is suitable to use when upgrading from any version to…

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How to Design a “Chunked” Task to Process a Large Amount of Rows Over Multiple Task Runs

Introduction You may find that running tasks that process high volumes of rows may results in multiple errors due to the large amount of processing. This article describes how to design such a task, but where the high number of rows processed is “chunked”…

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How to create a backup of the TaskCentre store

This tutorial will show you how to backup your TaskCentre database. (A TaskCentre database is called the ‘store’ and is how it will be referred to in the remainder of this tutorial)You must first determine which type of store you have, INTERNAL or SQL.Store…

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How to export your TaskCentre Tasks

IntroductionExporting is useful for creating a back up of your task data, allowing it to be stored in a safe place for use again at a later date. You may also wish to export your tasks during a migration of TaskCentre from one server…

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How to rebuild the TaskCentre internal store

Introduction A rebuild of the TaskCentre internal store may be required if the TaskCentre server service fails to start and a repair is unsuccessful. This is achieved by creating a fresh store at a new location then importing your task data and recreating any…

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Execute a task from within another task using the TaskCentre API

On occasions you may want to call a task from within another and execute it to run. This may be if a particular process spawns multiple tasks, a modular approach is being used to scale down complexity, or to relieve file lock scenarios. Triggering…

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How to migrate a TaskCentre Internal store to a Microsoft SQL Server store

This knowledgebase article will show how to migrate your TaskCentre Internal store to a Microsoft SQL Server store. The data store will be created as a database within SQL Server. Although an SQL Server store can be located on any remote server on the…

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Migrating TaskCentre: Merging repositories from one TaskCentre install into another

During a migration of your TaskCentre installation from one server to another, there is a possibility that by the time you eventually go live with your new install, any repositories that you have imported will already be out of date. This is due to…

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How to register a third party server certificate for use on a TaskCentre server

This article will show how to register a third party server certificate for use on a TaskCentre server. It applies when a connection has been created using any of the following 3 tools: Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool Transfer File (FTP) Web Service Connector This…

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Permissions required in SQL Server to create and maintain a TaskCentre SQL store

Introduction The TaskCentre Configurator uses the credentials of a SQL Server account to either create a new store or connect to one that already exists. Sufficient permissions on the account must be in place to allow these actions. The SQL account provided will be used…

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TaskCentre Store: Restore from backup

This knowledgebase article will outline how the TaskCentre store can be restored from backup, this would be necessary if task data has accidentally been deleted or become corrupt. TaskCentre can use two types of stores; Internal and SQL. The procedure for restoring a store…

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Configuring Impersonation – Allowing TaskCentre to access a remote network location such as a shared folder or printer

When tasks run on the TaskCentre Server, by default they will run using an account called Local System. This account has a set of rights to perform various activities but generally does not have sufficient network permissions to allow access rights to tasks, this…

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Enabling and Disabling Tasks Remotely using the TaskCentre API

Enabling and Disabling Tasks Remotely using the API We have had some interest to be able to enable or disable tasks remotely outside of TaskCentre to enable non TaskCentre administrators to have control over enabling and disabling tasks. This can be achieved by using…

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