Tasks Failing To Run

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Task Runtime Error: The connection used cannot be found in the global configuration

Symptom At task runtime a step with a database connection fails with the following error message even though the connection is present in the global configuration: “The connection used can not be found in the global configuration” Solution Navigate to the TaskCentre registry key.…

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Task fails at runtime with the error: “System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the registry key….is denied”

Symptom A task is failing at runtime and is producing the following error message: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Orbis Software\TaskCentre\Providers\{B30672F2-176C-4F71-A35E-8C50A99BE230}\parameters’ is denied. Cause A “parameters” key that the task is expecting to be present is missing for the associated registry key: {B30672F2-176C-4F71-A35E-8C50A99BE230}…

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A task is failing at run time with the following error: “Could not load file or assembly”

Symptom A task is failing at runtime and errors similar to the following are being produced: TIAPI: Type Information Error while loading tool assembly for step SAP Business One Connector. See Windows Event Viewer for more details. The Windows application log will display something…

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TaskCentre has stopped working, tasks are failing when queued to run

Symptom All tasks are failing to run when they are queued, the TaskCentre event logs will display ‘initialisation failure’ error messages. Cause A likely cause would be that the license for  your SQL Server Store has expired. This may mean that your 30 day…

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Task fails at runtime with error: Task ‘‘ initialisation failure, error code 0x80040300

Symptom When a task contains many connection steps an initialisation failure can occur. The following system error is recorded to the event log: Error code: 0x80040300 Description: Task initialisation failure This can occur when the following types of connection steps are in use: Web…

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Task Run Failed, error code 0x8007007e

Symptom Task failing at run time with the following error code: “Task Run Failed”, error code 0x8007007e Cause The fault mode occurs when the VBScript COM registration in the registry has been changed to point to a proprietary dll. This change is typically caused…

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Error 0x800700a4 Failed to connect to Task Runner CP for Task “

Symptom You may see the following error entry logged against the TaskCentre event log: Failed to connect to Task Runner CP for Task 0x800700a4 Cause 0x800700a4 is a Windows error which decodes to “No more threads can be created in the system.” Background Connection…

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No tasks are running and the TaskCentre event log shows error 0x80041349 “Error while processing event”

Symptom Scheduled and triggered tasks are not running. An examination of the TaskCentre event log shows the following error: 0x80041349 “Error while processing event” Cause This occurs where the server license key has expired. Resolution Contact sales@codelessplatforms.com to renew the server license key.

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