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How to rebuild the TaskCentre internal store


A rebuild of the TaskCentre internal store may be required if the TaskCentre server service fails to start and a repair is unsuccessful. This is achieved by creating a fresh store at a new location then importing your task data and recreating any global connections.

This is the safest way to complete a rebuild as the process will leave your old store untouched. If you need to revert back to it then you simply point TaskCentre at the location of where the old store exists.

Rebuilding the Internal Store

  1. Make a note of any global options you may have set. From the menu bar select Manage -> Options and check each tab.
  2. Make a note of any of any global connections in use by your tasks, i.e. Database Query (ODBC), Send Email (SMTP).
  3. Export all of your tasks including any repositories, global variables etc. If required, click this KB article to find out how to complete an export.
  4. Close any instances of TaskCentre and stop the TaskCentre server service.
  5. Load the TaskCentre Configurator and create a new internal store by supplying a new location:
    • Expand Server -> Store and select Configuration. Tick the box Change store configuration and select the option Connect to/ Create an alternative internal store.
    • Click Next to continue.
    • Tick the box Change Database Location and supply a new path. The default location is ‘c:\iwdb’ so for example a new location could be ‘c:iwdbnew’
    • Click Save and supply a password for the TaskCentre administrator account. It is recommended that the password matches the one of the old store.
    • Close the Configurator.
  6. Ensure the TaskCentre Server service has been started.
  7. Launch TaskCentre.
  8. Recreate your global connections.
  9. Import your tasks.

This completes the procedure of rebuilding your internal store. Checks must now be made to ensure your tasks function as normal.