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Solution to ReadpickLists schema problem with the SalesLogix System web service 7.5.4

Summary The TaskCentre Web Service Connector tool relies on web service descriptions received from the web services. There are some known problems with the SalesLogix version 7.5.4 SDATA web service schemas. In these cases the web service operation schema needs to be manually altered…

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Client crash when defining the operation of a Web Service Connector step with Web Service Connector Tool Pack Release 1.0 Service Release 1

Symptom Upon defining the “Operation” of a step in the Web Service Connector, the TaskCentre client crashes. This is due to the tool trying to create a schema.txt file to the C:\ directory and the active user does not have permission to write to…

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Web service connection fails with the error: “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send”

Symptom A task using the Web Service Connector Tool to make a secure call is failing at runtime with the following error; this also occurs if the web service connection is tested via the connector tool global configuration. iwwshr.Exceptions.WebServiceCallFailedException: The underlying connection was closed:…

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DTL Elements marked as “Don’t Create Element” appear in the outgoing SOAP envelope

Symptom Using the Transwise web service and the doBooking operation, DTL elements marked as Don’t Create Element appear in the outgoing SOAP envelope. The web service returns the following error: Attribute ‘,nil’ must not appear on element ‘deliveryNoteInfo’, because the {nillable} property of ‘deliveryNoteInfo’…

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Magento update fails with: System.ServiceModel.Fault Exception The image is not specified

Symptom Note: This particular exception is specific to the Magento SOAP service. Unable to upload images when using the Magento API web service in conjunction with the Web Service Connector tool. The following error is received: System.ServiceModel.Fault Exception The image is not specified Solution…

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Unable to import XML schema – Error ‘no type has been selected for the scheme element’

Symptom Unable to import an XML schema into the output step of an MMO (Multi Message Operation) during the creation of a web service connector task. The following error is displayed: no type has been selected for the scheme element Cause TaskCentre does not…

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Letters with accents display a black diamond symbol

Symptom When writing text to a web service which includes special characters, for example letters with accents above them, the characters are replaced with the symbol; Example: Text containing the German word “Für” will appear as “Fr” Cause The special characters used are unknown…

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Passing ‘&’ or ‘<' to a SOAP operation causes error: System.Xml.XmlException

Symptom Calling an operation on a SOAP web service fails with the following error: System.Xml.XmlException Cause Caused by passing either the ampersand ( & ) or less than ( < ) character to an operation that takes a parameter. When the error occurs, any…

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