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WooCommerce Access Dimensions Integration

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WooCommerce Access Dimensions Integration

Are you looking for a WooCommerce Access Dimensions integration solution to remove costly WooCommerce order management processes by synchronising orders, products, stock and pricing between systems? Or are you looking improve operational costs and reduce order fulfilment times?

Codeless Platforms' Access Dimensions integration solution with WooCommerce provides you with proven, drag and drop integration tools, enabling B2B and B2C organisations of any size to create standard and complex automated business processes between WooCommerce and Access Dimensions such as processing orders, customer details, products, stock and pricing. In addition to automating manual WooCommerce tasks it provides you with automated WooCommerce advanced notifications and WooCommerce alerts such as dynamically checking for errors and sending an internal alert if a sales process fails, WooCommerce product stock alerts and re-order point notifications.

BPA Platform is an iPaaS Platform that enables cloud-based, on-premises systems and cloud to cloud applications to talk to each other to enable seamless system integration and business process automation capability. Each automated process is unique to the way your business operates, providing you with a 100% fit every time.

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WooCommerce Access Dimensions Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common WooCommerce integration scenarios with Access Dimensions include:

The WooCommerce Connector for Access Dimensions simplifies communication between BPA Platform and WooCommerce. All communication uses XML. You use the Integration tool to map BPA Platform data to WooCommerce objects and operations. Operations such as, ADD, UPDATE, GET, and DELETE, are supported for a variety of business objects, such as, Product, Customer and Order.

You can use WooCommerce integration to provide an indirect link between systems that do not typically synchronise data with each other, such as synchronising contacts from a CRM platform as WooCommerce customers, importing WooCommerce sales orders into Access Dimensions, or even to provide reports containing data from both systems.

WooCommerce connector for Access Dimensions

Image: WooCommerce integration scenario example using BPA Platform, WooCommerce and Access Dimensions

  • Automatic downloading of WooCommerce orders into Access Dimensions including customer billing/shipping details, delivery method, payment method, quantity ordered, product code/description
  • Automate the creation and updating of new, existing and guest accounts (details, billing/shipping address) in Access Dimensions
  • Automatic transfer of online payment details and transaction IDs to Access Dimensions
  • Automatically update inventory from Access Dimensions
  • Automate product updates e.g. product SKU, description, tax class, weight, retail price, inventory quantity
  • Automated transfer of order status from Access Dimensions to WooCommerce
  • Automatic monitoring and reporting of important stock level data
  • Automatic, rules-based placement of an order with a selected courier service e.g. FedEx, UPS, DPD, Parceforce, DHL, Hermes etc.
  • The automatic distribution of WooCommerce or offline orders to product fulfilment partner (drop shipping)
  • Automatically check for errors and send an internal alert if a sales process fails

"We very quickly established a link between Access Dimensions and WooCommerce, and as prices changed these were reflected in the WooCommerce website. The result of this was more accurate order processing and happier customers. Before the link was in place we were having to manually adjust each invoice, as the prices were incorrect, and agree the change with each customer. We now have a happier and more motivated sales and accounts team."

Director, Mentmore Investments LLP
Mentmore Investments LLP use BPA Platform to integrate WooCommerce and Access Dimensions

Common commercial benefits achieved through synchronising WooCommerce data with Access Dimensions include:

  • Eradication of repetitive data entry and associated human errors
  • Significant decrease in order to dispatch times
  • Reduced operational costs and the requirement to recruit temporary seasonal employees
  • Increased visibility of data held in WooCommerce to assist decision making

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