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Access Dimensions Inventory Alerts

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Access Dimensions Inventory Alerts

Are you looking for a Access Dimensions Inventory Alert solution to know What is happening with your stock levels right now? Have your stock level thresholds been breached, are your perishable stock lines moving slowly or has an employee failed to assign a web category to a new product line?

Codeless Platforms' Access Dimensions Inventory Alert solution removes the risk of relying on employees to monitor and report on important stock level data and ensures that you automatically receive real-time inventory alerts via email and/or SMS regarding important changes. Furthermore, our Notifications and Alerts capability enforces company rules and procedures so that stock levels are optimised and managed to company best practices.

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Access Dimensions Inventory Alert - Scenarios and Benefits

Common inventory alert solution scenarios that our customers implement using the BPA Platform include:

  • Negative Allocations
  • Adjustments over x"
  • Shelf life/expiry dates
  • Products with no web category
  • Slow moving stock
  • Large order placed
  • Goods in today
  • Goods received awaiting parts

Common commercial benefits achieved through our Access Dimensions Inventory Alert solution:

  • Reduction in stock waste
  • Stock level optimisation
  • Improved cross department visibility of stock data
  • Enforcement of best practices
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Access Dimensions API Integration

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Access Dimensions Inventory Alerts starts from...

BPA Server

Access Dimensions Base Server

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Notifications & Alerts

Notifications & Alerts

The Notifications & Alerts capability provides you with the ability to automatically distribute email and SMS messages 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Easy-to-use editor

Build HTML and plain text notifications and alerts using an easy-to-use editor. No coding required.

Multiple delivery methods

Send notifications and alerts via multiple channels including email, SMS or compatible messenger APIs.

Memory and escalation

Capture everything that happens and action where escalation is required.

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