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PIM Woocommerce Integration

Are you looking for a market-proven PIM WooCommerce integration solution to improve the management and consistency of product information across multiple systems and sales channels? Or are you looking for a dedicated PIM for WooCommerce to manage product data, improve channel and supplier management and remove repetitive, costly and error prone administration that surrounds creating product and pricing lists in Excel spreadsheets?

Codeless Platforms’ WooCommerce PIM integration solution provides B2C and B2B organisations with ability to integrate WooCommerce and PIMventory, product information management system with multiple cloud-based and on-premises business systems, applications, marketplaces and print catalogues to remove the reliance on employees manually creating product and pricing lists in Excel. Additional functionality and process automation can be achieved through BPA Platform to reduce operational costs and improve company revenue by adding business rules and workflow logic, report and documentation automation and automated notifications.

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PIM WooCommerce Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common PIM WooCommerce integration scenarios that are often implemented by BPA Platform, PIMventory and WooCommerce users include:

  • PIM WooCommerce Integration: WooCommerce integration, PIMventory, ERP (SAP Business One, Sage 200, Sage 1000, Microsoft Dynamics NAV etc.), WMS and practically any data source via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or an extensive range of 3rd party APIs through connectors
  • Product Catalogue: PIM for WooCommerce with a centralised product catalogue to create, update and delete product data including description, manufacturer, SKUs, names, titles, pricing, images etc.
  • Stock Item Synchronisation: Synchronise stock records when changes are made in pseudo-real-time across all systems and sales channels
  • Stock Levels: Automatically monitor database changes and adjust inventory levels in all systems and marketplaces to ensure that stock levels are always correct
  • Sales Channels and Marketplaces: Automatically update sales channels and marketplaces with up-to-date product information e.g. Amazon, eBay, 3PL etc.
  • Sales Order Processing: Automatically download sales orders from WooCommerce and place them into ERP including; customer name, billing / shipping address, order details, transaction IDs etc.
  • Order and Shipping Confirmations: Automatically send order confirmations and shipping notifications and update the relevant systems and applications
  • Reporting: Automate the creation and distribution of reports such as stock levels, product lines per category, sales reports etc.
  • Business rules and logic: Dynamically include workflow logic and business rules to business processes and achieve a complete business solution with BPA Platform e.g. download fully paid orders only, stock level changes in pseudo-real-time, PO workflow approval, automated re-order point notifications

Commercial benefits achieved through PIM WooCommerce integration include:

  • Centralised database of all product information
  • Complete visibility of all products
  • Remove the manual tasks in creating and maintaining product and pricing lists in Excel
  • Reduce repetitive data entry and associated manual errors that surround product information management
  • Ensure product catalogue consistency across systems and sales channels
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve decision making
  • Increase company revenues by going to market quicker
  • Streamline operational processes and workflow
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PIMventory eCommerce Integration

PIMventory eCommerce Integration

Learn how PIM and eCommerce integration provides B2C and B2B businesses with the ability to ensure product catalogue consistency and reduce operational costs to drive company revenue.

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