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Metapack SAP Business ByDesign Integration

Are you looking for a Metapack SAP Business ByDesign integration solution to increase the visibility of sales and deliveries across your business? Or are you looking to improve order fulfilment times and reduce costs by removing employee interaction from data entry activities?

Codeless Platforms’ Metapack integration solution for SAP Business ByDesign automatically pushes orders from SAP Business ByDesign into Metapack and automatically updates SAP ByDesign with delivery data from Metapack without employee intervention.

Further enhance your integration with the added ability to build application extensions or modules for SAP Business ByDesign to fit exact working practices using Applications Platform.

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Metapack SAP Business ByDesign Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common Metapack integration scenarios with SAP ByDesign that our customers often implement when using BPA Platform include:

  • Automatically push orders from SAP Business ByDesign and place them into Metpack for fulfilment
  • Automatically pull delivery data back from Metapack and dynamically update SAP Business ByDesign
  • Automatic distribution of status updates and delivery confirmations including tracking number to the customer via automated email/SMS
  • Automate the synchronisation of 'proof of delivery' into business software
  • Automatically update all systems e.g. eCommerce stores with returns data etc.
  • Automatic publishing of Metapack tracking numbers to customer portals and eCommerce platforms
  • Automatically extract intelligent data and automate the generation and distribution of reports
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels

Commercial benefits achieved through integrating Metapack with SAP ByDesign include:

  • Reduced order to fulfilment times
  • Removal of repetitive bi-directional data entry from employee workloads
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased visibility of sales and deliveries
  • Reduced operational costs and the need to recruit additional resource during seasonal peaks
Download Brochure
Metapack SAP Business ByDesign Integration Brochure

Metapack SAP Business ByDesign Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Metapack with SAP Business ByDesign can help speed up deliveries and provide you with more intelligent data.

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