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MailChimp SAP Business ByDesign Integration

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MailChimp SAP Business ByDesign Integration

Are you looking for a market proven MailChimp SAP Business ByDesign integration solution to remove the manual data administration tasks that surround your email marketing activities? Or are you looking for an automation tool to set business rules and specify the creation and distribution of mailshot campaigns automatically?

Codeless Platforms’ MailChimp integration solution for SAP Business ByDesign provides you with drag and drop tools that can easily integrate MailChimp with SAP Business ByDesign and automate employee driven business processes that surround email marketing. BPA Platforms’ MailChimp SAP ByDesign integration solution enables organisations to automate the manual processes that slow email marketing activities down such as updating unsubscribes and generating reports helping you to improve marketing data and drive company revenue.

Further enhance your integration with the added ability to build application extensions or modules for SAP Business ByDesign to fit exact working practices using Applications Platform.

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MailChimp SAP Business ByDesign Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common MailChimp integration scenarios with SAP Business ByDesign that our customers often implement with the use of BPA Platform include:

  • Automatic updating of MailChimp with SAP Business ByDesign data
  • Dynamic creation, deletion, and synchronisation of marketing lists
  • Automatic updating of your company CRM application (e.g. Salesforce, Infor CRM etc.) with campaign statistics and set associated activities for follow up by the sales team
  • Automatically update email unsubscribes
  • Define business rules and workflow logic to specify the creation and distribution of mailshots e.g. slow-moving stock campaigns, new stock arrivals etc.
  • Automatic generation and dissemination of campaign reports

Commercial benefits achieved by integrating MailChimp with SAP ByDesign include:

  • Ensure GDPR compliance
  • Drive new revenue streams with rules driven email campaigns
  • Remove repetitive data administration tasks from employee workloads
  • Improved marketing data
  • Reduced operational costs
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SAP Business ByDesign Integration

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