Building a task that allows user input to decide a task outcome – Create Workflow Job

This example creates a task which uses the format tool Create Workflow Job. This allows a user to have direct input in to how a task produces an outcome.

The task runs based on a change in data in a database system, it queries the database of the database system, creates a Workflow Job and sends it to a user via email.

This task is made up of 4 steps:

Step Name Tool What it does
Customer on Hold Event: Microsoft SQL Server Trigger Detects a specific change in data in a business systems database. This step outputs key pieces of information by using variables.

Setting up a MS SQL Server Trigger Step

Get Account Managers Email Input: Database Query (ODBC) Reads the database of a business system to find details to include in the alert.

Querying a database

On Hold Override Format: Create Workflow Job Generates a web page containing fields for completion which allows a user to interact with and affect the outcome of a task.

Creating a Workflow Job step

Notify Account Manager Output: Send Email (SMTP) Sends an email alert to a user containing a hyperlink to the Workflow Job.

Sending an email

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