Sending an email

Before emails can be sent by TaskCentre it is necessary to configure communication with an SMTP server. The following article explains how this is achieved.

Learn about: TaskCentre administration – Global configuration – Outbound SMTP connections


To send an email from a task the Send Email (SMTP) tool is dragged onto the task planner. The step can be given a recognisable name. There are two modes of operation; the step can be fed from a document source from a previous step, e.g. a Format as Text or Format as HTML step or from a report generation step such as Crystal Reports or Microsoft Reporting Services steps. Alternatively, no source can be selected but the email constructed with fixed or variable content.


The From button opens the Select From dialog

The return address can be selected from one of the address books, or a One off/Dynamic Address can be defined.A display name and address can simply be entered as text, or variables can be dragged into the field and a dynamic from address created.

The To, Cc and Bcc buttons all open the Select Recipients dialog.


Recipients can be selected from an address book by selecting an address book, choosing from the list displayed and clicking the To, Cc or Bcc buttons. Alternatively the New button can be pressed which opens the New One Off Recipient dialog.


A name and email address can simple be entered, or a dynamic recipient can be created.This means that each email sent can go to a different recipient.This is commonly achieved by dragging recordset columns from the browser from the document source.


Where a dynamic recipient is not required and the email is to be sent to a number of recipients consider making the recipient a group from your email system, so that if the members of the group change the mail will still be correctly routed.

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