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Building a task which triggers when an email is received

This example will create a task which triggers when an email matching certain criteria is received. The task will extract key information from the email, query a database, format the information returned as text and email a user derived from the information on the business database.

This task is made up of 5 steps

SMTP 1(1)

Step NameToolWhat it does
Email ReceivedEvent: Email Trigger (SMTP)Filters the content of incoming and outgoing mail sent via a virtual SMTP Mail Server.

Setting up an SMTP event trigger step

Extract Product InformationGeneral: Parse TextExtracts text data from a variable which has been placed in a step. The data is then mapped to other variables for use in further steps.

Extracting text information from an email using the Parse Text

Retrieve InformationInput: Database Query (ODBC)Reads the database of a business system to find details to include in the alert. Variables are consumed from the previous step to create a query recordset.

Querying a database

Format InformationFormat: Format As TextTakes the results from the previous step and lays them out in a way that can be read.

Formatting Plain Text

Send EmailOutput: Send Email (SMTP)Sends an email containing the formatted information

Sending an email

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