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Output Tools

Print Document Tool

Print Document Tool

The Print Document tool allows you to produce hard-copies of documents created by other task steps. All standard printer properties are available to produce run-time-specific output.

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Save File Tool Whitepaper

Save File Tool

The Save File tool saves output from another task step capable of producing some form of document, as one or more files on the local hard drive or network location.

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Send Email SMTP Tool Whitepaper | Codeless Platforms

Send Email (SMTP) Tool

The Send Email (SMTP) tool sends messages to any SMTP compliant mail server. This tool is capable of sending multiple messages in either text or HTML formats, incorporating data from Input and Format steps to any number of recipients.

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Send Fax (Tobit) Tool Whitepaper

Send Fax (Tobit) Tool

The Send Fax (Tobit) Tool is used to create a Task Step that sends faxes that contain static or dynamic content to one or more recipients via the market-leading mid-range fax solutions.

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Send Text Message Tool White Paper

Send Text Message Tool

The Send Text Message tool is used to create and send data-driven, personalised text messages to employees, customers, prospects, suppliers, and so on. Sending can be automated to guarantee the timing of the text messages.

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Transfer File FTP Tool Whitepaper - Codeless Platforms

Transfer File (FTP) Tool

The Transfer File (FTP) Tool is used to create a Task Step that uploads or downloads one or more files to and from one or more FTP Servers. This is a powerful tool which can be used, for example, in the automated publishing of key information to Intranet / Internet sites

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