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Call COM Object Tool Whitepaper

Call COM Object Tool

The Call COM Object tool is used to create a task step that calls third party COM Objects to provide integration with other systems, protocols, or applications.

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Call Task Tool Whitepaper

Call Task Tool

The Call Task tool is used to trigger another task to run from the current task. If required, you can use consumed XML from another step or variables to pass task data between the two during run-time.

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Run External Program Tool Whitepaper | Codeless Platforms

Run External Program Tool

The Run External Program tool runs self-terminating shell executable programs including .exe or .bat for example, or any file type that is associated with such a shell executable program. Programs can either be existing programs that exhibit the right attributes or programs specially created to provide integration with proprietary protocols, systems or applications.

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Run VB Script Tool Whitepaper | Codeless Platforms

Run VBScript Tool

The Run VBScript tool is used to create a task step that runs a Visual Basic Script using data produced by other steps in the task. The step also provides access to the Memory feature which allows data produced by the step to be memorised into a Repository.

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