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Automating Trams Back Office Invoices, Credit Control Procedures and Customer Statements

Automating Trams Back Office Tasks

Trams Back Office is a popular back office accounting and reporting system for the travel and transportation industry. It can capture and store customer details, invoice numbers, amounts and travel dates, etc., to account for each sale and, through reporting, can help make detailed management decisions.

However, many tasks that need to be completed such as invoicing, chasing bad debt and delivering customer statements is a time-consuming, laborious process. Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can automate many of these processes by monitoring the database and then generating and distributing reports, notifications and statements.

Reducing the cost and time associated with customer invoicing

Invoicing is a universal business process and one that is critical to the success of any organisation. Mistakes made within this activity can have a serious effect on the organisation and great effort is made to standardise associated internal procedures and best practices.

The commercial gains of automating invoice procedures are well documented, and Norad Travel is a prime example of the benefits that can be achieved. Primarily, by automating its invoicing procedures, Norad Travel now benefits from 100% accurate and on-time billing. Collections, therefore, also occur on time. This automated process has also completely removed the problem of ‘missed’ invoices.

In addition to the benefits of accurate and timely invoicing, automating Trams Back Office tasks has removed the need for employees to manually create and send invoices. This has delivered a significant saving in employee time and improved productivity.

“By automating our invoicing procedures with Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform we have removed skilled employees from this repetitive and costly process.” Tara Foy, Financial Controller, Norad Travel Group.

Personalised statements without the administrative overhead

Another challenge that faces many organisations is the creation and delivery of personalised client statements. However, the automation of this process via with the BPA Platform is fairly simple to create as it shares many characteristics to that of the automated invoicing process.

For Norad Travel, automating this single process in Trams Back Office saved in excess of 896 hours a year in repetitive employee administration and ensures that every client receives a personalised statement that is error free.

“Our clients now dynamically receive personalised statements without any employee processing. It’s a win-win situation.” Tara Foy

Reducing debt exposure and keeping clients within credit terms

Real-time, consistent information is the key to managing credit limit statuses of clients. Without perfect visibility credit breaches can creep up and harm the business. The problem many organisations experience is not the ability to identify these critical points, but that employees have to do this manually. This inevitably leads to some clients approaching their credit limits without identification.

Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform can remove this problem by dynamically identifying when clients are approaching their credit limits in Trams Back Office and informing the appropriate employee via an HTML email alert. This provides employees with the ability to proactively communicate with the client and extend their credit terms where appropriate.

“Credit control is a fundamental part of any organisation and the BPA Platform provides us with proactive alerts that prevent unnecessary exposure to client debt.” Tara Foy

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