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Maximizer CRM and Sage 50 Integration Helps Management Company Automate Invoice Processing

Priors Hall Park Management automates invoice processing to improve cash flow, reduce costs and enhance credit control

Codeless Platforms is pleased to reveal that, Priors Hall Park Management, a management company for a growing new community in Northamptonshire, has improved its cash flow, reduced admin costs and enhanced its credit control procedures by using BPA Platform to integrate Maximizer CRM with Sage 50 and then automated its invoice processing and customer email communication.

The team at Priors Hall Park Management were using Sage 50 and looking to find a way to streamline their annual invoicing process. Each year 1,300 invoices were being manually created, printed and sent to homeowners or landlords. This, in itself, was a very laborious process and the number of invoices will increase year on year until all 5,000 properties are completed.

“There were landlords looking after payment for multiple properties which needed to be factored in which added a layer of complication to an already time-consuming process. The system badly needed improvement to save time and create efficiencies. It took two weeks minimum to complete this process,” explained Carly Cullen, Office Administrator, Priors Hall Park Management.

BPA Platform has enabled the company’s Sage 50 system to link with Maximizer CRM so that accounts can be set up for the households, customers and landlords, with filters to assist with credit control and unpaid invoices, as well as to generate reminders and accounts status.

BPA Platform now regularly checks the records in Maximizer CRM and can automatically create invoices in Sage 50 for any that are set as ‘Yes’. The majority of these invoices, along with statements, are then sent via email. However, if any records don’t have an email address associated with them, BPA Platform automatically creates and prints the invoices and statements for posting.

“BPA Platform has delivered improved cash flow due to better data available for communicating by email, reduces overall admin costs and having automated processes, such as payment receipts and regular statements sent, improves the time taken for invoice payments. Customers have much more visibility of their accounts now,” revealed Carly Cullen.

“The improvement of efficiency for the invoicing process from 2019 to 2020 saw the time taken to create the yearly invoicing cut from around ten days to two. This means real cost savings can be calculated from the impact of business process automation on the system. Credit control is easier to manage and, with some upcoming work around dashboards, we are looking to deliver the data on accounts and customer information with more graphic representations and click-throughs to get into the data in more detail.”

When a payment is received and entered into Sage 50, BPA Platform sends a “Thank you for your recent payment” email to the payee confirming their remaining balance. To ensure there are no discrepancies and to improve the credit control process used within Maximizer, BPA Platform copies the live account balances nightly from Sage 50 into the Maximizer Sage 50 Balance UDF.

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Case Study: Priors Hall Park Management

Case Study: Priors Hall Park Management

Priors Hall Park Management, which manages a growing new community in Northamptonshire, improved its cash flow, efficiencies, credit control and visibility into data by integrating Sage 50 with Maximizer CRM, as well as automating its invoicing processes.

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