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eBay Epicor Integration

Are you looking for a market-proven eBay Epicor integration solution to remove the hidden costs of eCommerce order management by eradicating repetitive data entry tasks between eBay and Epicor Kinetic? Or are you looking to ensure that product, pricing and stock are always up to date across all your business systems?

Codeless Platforms’ eBay Epicor integration solution provides you with the ability to automate essential order management processes, such as the downloading and uploading of orders, customer information, stock, and pricing between eBay and Epicor Kinetic. BPA Platform removes the hidden costs that surround your eCommerce processes by removing repetitive data entry tasks and associated human errors, and provides automated notification and alerting capabilities if a sales process fails.

BPA Platform is an iPaaS Platform that enables cloud-based, on-premises systems and cloud-to-cloud applications to talk to each other, enabling seamless system integration and business process automation capability.

eBay Epicor Integration Brochure

eBay Epicor Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating eBay with Epicor can save your organisation time and money, and improve performance.
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eBay Epicor Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Common eBay integration scenarios with Epicor often implemented by BPA Platform users include:

  • Automating the creation and updating of new, existing and guest accounts in Epicor Kinetic from orders received through eBay
  • Automatic processing of orders, including customer billing and shipping details, product code and description, delivery method and payment information
  • Automatic upload of a Epicor sales order status to eBay
  • Automated creation of incoming Accounts Receivable (AR) invoices and upcoming payments
  • Automatic update of inventory from Epicor
  • Automatic upload of price changes to eBay
  • Automated product updates, including SKU, description, RRP, inventory quantity, product descriptions etc.
  • Dynamically check for errors and send/receive internal alerts if a sales process fails

Common commercial benefits achieved through Epicor eBay integration include:

  • Remove repetitive data entry and human error
  • Speed up the eBay order management process
  • Improve order fulfilment times
  • Increase the visibility of stock levels
  • Reduce the need to recruit additional resource during peak periods
  • Reduce operational costs and drive company revenue
  • Increase employee productivity and company output
Download Brochure
eBay Epicor Integration Brochure

eBay Epicor Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating eBay with Epicor can save your organisation time and money, and improve performance.

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