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Agile CRM Acumatica Integration

Are you looking for an Agile CRM Acumatica integration solution to include Agile CRM users in workflow processes that start outside of Agile CRM? Or are you looking to improve sales team performance and drive company revenue?

Codeless Platforms' Acumatica Agile CRM integration solution provides organisations with the ability to seamlessly integrate Acumatica with Agile CRM to automatically read and write data to and from each business system.

BPA Platform is an iPaaS solution that enables cloud-based, on-premises systems and cloud-to-cloud applications to talk to each other, enabling seamless system integration and business process automation capabilities. BPA Platform provides you with a user-friendly graphical interface, enabling you to map business data into Acumatica and Agile CRM objects to facilitate data integration.

Acumatica Agile CRM Integration Brochure

Acumatica Agile CRM Integration Brochure

Discover the benefits of integrating Acumatica with Agile CRM and automating the transfer of data between them.
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Agile CRM Acumatica Integration Scenarios and Benefits

Codeless Platforms’ drag and drop Acumatica Agile CRM integration solution provides you with a way of reading and updating Agile CRM and Acumatica to reduce administration time and costs, remove data entry errors, increase productivity and improve performance.

The Acumatica and Agile CRM REST API integration solution simplifies communication between BPA Platform, Agile CRM and Acumatica to enable integration between business systems, via BPA Platform.

Common Acumatica Agile CRM integration scenarios include:

Integrating Acumatica with Agile CRM can provide you with the ability to automatically synchronise new and existing accounts, contacts, products, price lists, quotes, sales orders and invoices etc.

  • Customer and Accounts: Automatically create and update new and existing accounts and contacts between Agile CRM and your Acumatica ERP system with the associated Sales Representative linked
  • Opportunities and Leads: Automate the synchronisation of CRM Order/Opportunity/Lead into your Acumatica system when it has been created in Agile CRM
  • Deals: Automate the creation of Deals in Agile CRM with Acumatica sales orders for processing
  • Automatically upload Acumatica Items to Agile CRM
  • Alerts and notifications: Automatically create an email alert to the relevant account manager for when an account is placed on credit hold within Acumatica and place on hold within Agile CRM
  • Multilevel workflow approvals
  • Automatically schedule follow up activity, including cross-sell and upsell opportunities to relevant sales/account manager

Commercial benefits of Agile CRM Acumatica integration when using BPA Platform include:

  • Remove repetitive, time-consuming data entry and associated costs
  • Eradicate data entry errors
  • Increase employee productivity and company output
  • Ability to run the entire business without additional administrative support
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Significantly reduce bespoke development times and costs
  • Ability to adapt automated business process quickly to changing business requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

BPA Platform enables organisations to integrate systems and applications quickly and easily, whether cloud-to-cloud or on-premises to cloud, and then automate numerous business processes and tasks. It reduces system integration development times and costs, and can support integration with any data source whilst providing the flexibility needed to maintain, configure and adapt data synchronisation, as and when business requirements change.
BPA Platform can integrate with practically any application, business system or data source via ODBC, OLEDB, Web Services or third-party APIs through our extensive range of connectors and solutions.
BPA Platform can be installed in the cloud (iPaaS) or on-premises. Compatible with a wide range of databases for cloud and hybrid integration projects, it is rapid to install and configure, with the ability to easily scale requirements.
A remote data relay system enables seamless connectivity between on-premises and cloud applications and resources, enabling the transfer of data securely within specific BPA instances without using a VPN. The remote data relay uses end-to-end security with double encryption to fully protect data.
The introduction of multi-instance architecture to BPA Platform means that cloud and on-premises deployments can have multiple instances of BPA Platform for various purposes, including development, testing, and live environments. Each of these is charged per instance, per month and billed annually in advance. Tasks numbers are mirrored live to test environments for tasks.
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Acumatica Agile CRM Integration Brochure

Acumatica Agile CRM Integration Brochure

Discover the benefits of integrating Acumatica with Agile CRM and automating the transfer of data between them.

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