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Orbis Software Introduces Applications Platform and Rebrands as Codeless Platforms

Rapid application development (RAD) platform enables organisations to easily build applications and extend business systems

Orbis Software today introduced Applications Platform, a flexible, easy-to-use rapid application development (RAD) platform for quickly and easily building database applications, developing application extensions, creating web portals or deploying ready-made library applications. This new platform provides organisations with the ability to cost-effectively explore, build and deploy new applications and services that deliver significant ROI and improve productivity.

The release of Applications Platform, along with the scheduled release of a BPMN Platform at the end of the year, has been a mitigating factor in the decision to rebrand the company. The company will now be trading as Codeless Platforms, and TaskCentre, the company’s business process automation software, will be renamed BPA Platform.

“For the last two decades, our sole aim has been to provide our customers with software and solutions that help them improve efficiency and reduce costs. Applications Platform is the next evolution in our commitment to this philosophy,” said Matthew Lidster, Managing Director, Codeless Platforms. “The launch of Applications Platform prompted us to consider our company name. We needed something that reflected the transition from a single software application company to one that supplies three next generation platforms. Therefore, the company will be rebranded as Codeless Platforms and TaskCentre will become BPA Platform.”

Applications Platform has been developed to work in complete synchronisation with BPA Platform, enabling organisations to automate processes, integrate systems and add notifications. The combination of application development with automation and integration capabilities provides organisations with all the tools required to generate a complete end-to-end solution.

“A low-code or ‘codeless’ experience is the fundamental driver for our two platforms. Removing the code and empowering users through a point and click, drag and drop environment makes our technology extremely accessible,” said Matthew Lidster. “We believe that the combination of Applications Platform and BPA Platform provides even the smallest organisation with the benefits of innovative, enterprise software at a fraction of the cost that is traditionally associated with this type of technology.”

Applications Platform offers organisations the ability to cost-effectively build or deploy applications, from only £28 per user, per month, accessible from anywhere and on any device, faster than ever before. Organisations can easily build their own application in minutes not hours by simply importing any database file, such as a spreadsheet or Access DB, and using the Quick Create Wizard. This immediately helps reduce development time, simplify deployment and accelerate time-to-market.

Alternatively, organisations can exploit pre-built extensions and web portals contained in the Applications Platform library, as well as benefit from ready-to-use applications, such as a CRM system, CRM plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, courier web portal or PO authoring system.

The Application Extensions capability allows organisations to seamlessly extend existing business systems by creating new modules for specific roles or business functions, to fill the gaps that are missing from many VAPs.

The Web Portals capability enables the wizard-driven creation of authenticated or non-authenticated web portals. Organisations can therefore deliver secure customer or supplier portals to present application data in a secure and controlled method, enabling customers to share information easily, empower remote users and eradicate back office administration.

About Codeless Platforms

Founded in 1999, Codeless Platforms is a highly experienced and trusted software company that develops data integration, business process automation and rapid application development solutions. Our two flexible, powerful platforms – BPA Platform and Applications Platform – enable organisations to take full control over their data as well as respond to the rapidly changing demands of business today.

Our knowledge of the marketplace and channel has grown in line with this development and established us as a highly experienced and reputable software company, working with partners and software vendors (Access, Infor, Microsoft, Sage and SAP) who have the confidence to invest in Codeless Platforms.

With over 450 global partners, more than 7500 customers use Codeless Platforms’ software solutions, ranging from diverse global organisations to the small local enterprise. The company is headquartered in Poole, UK, with representative offices throughout the world.

Codeless Platforms Brochure

Codeless Platforms Brochure

Codeless Platforms is at the forefront of rapid application development and business process automation. With over 450 global partners, more than 7500 customers use Codeless Platforms’ software solutions, ranging from diverse global organisations to the small local enterprise.

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