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Web portal development has never been easier

Using our Applications Platform you can rapidly build and deploy feature rich web portals for both authenticated and non-authenticated users. Building web portals is achieved using intuitive, point and click technology and can be created, deployed and modified with just a click of a button.

Web portals can transform the way employees, customers and suppliers interact with your organisation. Web portal development is a point and click exercise and easy to create by technical and non-technical users. It all begins by clicking the New Portal button within Applications Platform’s easy-to-use wizard.

Common web portals created using Applications Platform include:
  • HR portal
  • Purchase order processing portal
  • Customer service portal
  • Supplier or trading partner portal
  • Communications portal
  • Product returns portal
Applications Platform

5 easy steps to building web portals

Step 1
Outline requirements
Outline requirements
Step 2
Create portal
Create portal
Step 3
Define navigation
Define navigation
Step 4
Apply styling
Apply styling
Step 5
Start using portal
Start using portal
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