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What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software is a necessary tool for your field workforce. It helps you to coordinate your field operations and contractors to improve the management of job schedules, statuses and invoices.

If you manage the installation, service or repair of equipment you will have field service management processes that need to be monitored and recorded. This is where a field service management (FSM) application comes into play.

FSM solutions provide you with the tools you need to increase the visibility of real-time information to aid decision making. They also help to enhance service levels by making your business more efficient to deliver a quick resolution.

The most common industries that are reliant on field service management software include:

  • Property maintenance e.g. cleaning services, garden maintenance, building repairs etc.
  • Telecommunications e.g. installation technicians, fault management etc.
  • Healthcare e.g. mobile nurses or doctors, home help etc.
  • Engineering e.g. industrial, manufacturing, technicians for repair and maintenance
  • Utilities e.g. gas work/certifications, electricians, plumbing etc.

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Do I need field service management software?

If you are managing your field service operations with a long paper trail or with spreadsheets then yes, you do; or, at least, will need to implement an FSM solution very soon. The problem with relying on paper-based documents or spreadsheets is that they can lead to errors and miscommunication, resulting in slow service completion. Field management software reduces these risks, will improve productivity and enhance service levels.

Field management software can vary depending on the industry you specialise in. Many solutions will allow you to easily integrate with your other business systems using integration software. By integrating your business systems you will be able to automate your key field service tasks such as job scheduling and notifications.

Generally, the standard capabilities you can expect to see within a service management system include:

  • Job scheduling and job management
  • Job status updates
  • Time tracking
  • Invoice and quote creation
  • Customer portal
  • Inventory management

Cloud, mobile ready and back office system integration

Field service management software is (most commonly) a cloud-based application to provide you with the environment you need to improve the coordination and day-to-day management of necessary tasks. Field service is an ‘out of the office’ role where the employee has to be on site to complete the job in hand. As long as your service team has an internet connection on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, a cloud-based field service management app will enable them to access the information they need when they need it. It will also provide you with the information you need in real time, regardless of location and mobile device.

Integrating your business software such as an ERP or CRM system with your field service management app facilitates the synchronisation of real-time information. Adopting a solution that provides access to your core systems can help you to deliver a true end-to-end service.

What benefits will I see from an FSM app?

Field service software not only improves the service that you provide your customers, it can benefit other areas of the business. Organisations that have transitioned to cloud-based service management see the following commercial benefits:

  • Reduced inbound enquiries regarding installation or repair visit times
  • Quicker response and job completion times
  • Improved management of contractors and suppliers
  • 100% accurate audit trail
  • Removal of repetitive administration tasks and associated human errors
  • Improved cross-department communication
  • Increased customer, supplier, contractor satisfaction

For more information on how you can make field service management software be part of your business processes, download the brochure below or call us on +44 (0)330 99 88 700.

Field Service Management Application Brochure

Field Service Management Application Brochure

Discover how a Field Service Management App improves customer service and field crew workflows, deliver quicker response and job completion times as well as increrase efficiencies and time management.

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