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Rapidly build, manage and deploy web-based applications

Applications Platform provides a fully hosted environment for you to quickly and easily build database applications, develop application extensions, create web portals or deploy ready-made library applications.

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Applications Platform Rapid Application Development Tools from Codeless Platforms

Applications Platform enables you to build applications in hours not days

Mobile ready

Quickly deploy or access your business applications on any internet browser or mobile device anytime, anywhere.


Effortlessly scale your cloud-based applications up or down to provide a 100% fit with business requirements.


Future proof your business by turning your ideas into flexible applications through point and click technology.


Cost effectively build or deploy ready made applications from only £28 per month, per user.

Ground Up Applications

Designed for small to large enterprises, the Ground Up Applications capability enables organisations to build and integrate applications, systems and web services through simple-to-use, drag and drop tools.

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Experience the power

Create applications through point and click technology to reduce deployment times.

Utilise existing systems

Upload a spreadsheet, XML file or any database to create an application in minutes not weeks.

Work anywhere

Enable your workforce to work to access data from any location at any time.

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Applications Platform

Application Extensions

The Application Extensions capability allows organisations to seamlessly extend their existing business systems.

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Exceed expectations

Create new modules for specific roles or business functions to achieve 100% user adoption.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Remove the need to replace your existing applications by enriching them with extensions.

Connectivity as standard

Eradicate repetitive data entry via seamless data integration and synchronisation.

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Library Applications

Provides direct access to out of the box, ready to use, market proven applications, that can be used straightaway or as a starting point to develop your own customised application(s).

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Rapid deployment

Reduce deployment times by rolling out a pre-built, out of the box solution.

Reconfigurable and customisable

Use a library application as a base to rapidly customise and deploy a 100% fit application.

Profit from expertise

Add applications to the Library for others to use or modify and profit from your contribution.

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Library Applications
Applications Platform

Web Portals

The Web Portals capability enables the wizard-driven creation of authenticated or non-authenticated web portals.

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Empower remote users

Create secure customer or supplier portals through a simple, easy-to-use wizard-driven process.

Share information easily

Provide open access portals to present application data in a secure and controlled method.

Eradicate back office administration

Enjoy the competitive gains of self-service and empower employees to deliver the information when required.

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