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BPA Platform Used For Concur Invoice and SAP Business One Integration

BPA Platform eliminates time-consuming processes, delivers greater control and reduces risk for Galileo Global Education finance department

Codeless Platforms is pleased to announce that a finance department within Galileo Global Education has deployed BPA Platform to integrate Concur Invoice with SAP Business One. BPA Platform is now automating the transfer of invoices from Concur Invoice to SAP Business One, as well as synchronising all project codes and new suppliers. This has helped the department reduce manual processing times, delivered greater control and reduced the risk of errors.

Galileo Global Education is a post-secondary education group focused on providing students with access to higher education in the fields of applied arts, design, communication and management in selected countries around the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe and USA. Its headquarters are in Paris; however, it is the finance team in Luxembourg that has deployed this project to help it streamline its invoicing process for a number of holding companies that it manages.

“We’re using Concur Invoice to organise and approve all the invoices that we receive from our suppliers – about 100 invoices per month. This information, however, needs to be added to SAP Business One as that is what we use for accounting. We therefore deployed BPA Platform to integrate Concur Invoice with SAP Business One and to map what we are doing in Concur Invoice into SAP Business One. For example, when we create a new project or a new supplier in Concur it is immediately replicated in SAP Business One,” said Dimitris Daimoglou, Group Accountant, Galileo Global Education.

“Previously we would have to go into Concur Invoice to see what has been booked and then manually rebook it in SAP Business One. However, whatever we create in Concur is now directly updated in SAP Business One. Additionally, because we might use various project codes, we also synchronised the projects. In the past, we had to create a new project code in both SAP Business One and in Concur. Now we just create a new project code in SAP Business One and within ten minutes it is created in Concur as well.”

Codeless Platforms’ Concur Invoice Connector is an out-of-the-box product that uses BPA Platform to automatically create invoices in SAP Business One when an invoice payment request workflow has been completed in the Concur Invoice management software. This enables the workflow to be automatically extended from Concur Invoice into SAP Business One whereupon the invoice payment process can then be completed.

“The main problem that BPA Platform has resolved is time. It’s reduced all the manual processing meaning that it is far less time-consuming now. We don’t do have to carry out activities twice anymore. It also provides us with increased control of the process. Previously, if we saw something and we needed to rebook it manually, there was an increased risk of making a typo or inputting something wrong. Therefore, by automating the process with BPA Platform we are reducing the possibility of errors, which means less risk and greater control,” concluded Dimitris Daimoglou.

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Concur Invoice Connector for SAP Business One

Concur Invoice Connector for SAP Business One

The Concur Invoice Connector uses BPA Platform to automatically transfer purchase invoices from SAP Concur to SAP Business One.

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