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How to send multiple emails using a TaskCentre recordset column


TaskCentre can be used to send emails to multiple recipients when a recordset in a task contains an email address unique to each row.

Using a Send Email (SMTP) step you can create a dynamic recipient using the email address recordset column. This means an email will be sent once for each row of the recordset and will be delivered to the email address present in the row.

For example, you may have a task which generates a report or a time sheet for every row of a recordset. Each one of these documents may need to be emailed tothe relevant recipient.

1_ Example TaskFigure 1. Example Task.

Adding a Dynamic Recipient to a Send Email (SMTP) Step

  1. Within the Send Email (SMTP) step select To.
  2. Click New to display the New One Off Recipient dialog.
  3. From the task browser, drag the email address recordset column and place it in the Address field. You can also insert into the Name field the recordset column that holds the recipients name.CaptureFigure 2. Adding a dynamic recipient.
  4. Return to the Main tab of the tool. The dynamic address will now be displayed within the To field.At task run time the name of the recipient and their email address will automatically be generated.7_ Send Email - Main Tab(1)Figure 3. Send Email (SMTP) tool – Main Tab.