Send Message (SMTP)

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How to configure TaskCentre to use the Gmail (Google mail) server

Summary This knowledge base article will outline how Gmail (Google mail) can be used as the TaskCentre mail server. Prerequisites Minimum build requirement of TaskCentre v4.7 or above, due to further enhancements to Google’s SSL modifications Within your Gmail account settings turn on Allow…

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Using Office 365 SMTP hosted services in conjunction with TaskCentre

Introduction As most people know TaskCentre has an inbound and outbound SMTP capability and traditionally this has worked in conjunction with the company on-premise Exchange SMTP mail server. With more customers now moving over to hosted services in the cloud the inevitable question is…

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Configuring TaskCentre to use a Gmail SMTP account: Error – The message received was unexpected or badly formatted

Symptom When configuring a Send Email (SMTP) global connection to use a Gmail SMTP account, the following error is received when attempting to test the connection: SMTP server connection test failed: The message received was unexpected or badly formatted Cause RC4 based cipher suites in use by TaskCentre are no…

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Send Email (SMTP) output giving “?” signs

Symptom The output from a Send Email (SMTP) step contains “?” signs in place of certain characters i.e. “£” signs. Cause The email contains characters that are being incorrectly interpreted. Resolution Upgrade to the latest version of TaskCentre. Recreate your Send Email (SMTP) steps.

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Logging Failed Emails from a Send Email(SMTP) Step

Note: TaskCentre MUST be using a SQL Store. If you have a task that sends emails to multiple contacts then you may wish to receive a notification if an email attempt fails to one or more addresses. This is achieved by adding an additional…

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How to send multiple emails using a TaskCentre recordset column

Introduction TaskCentre can be used to send emails to multiple recipients when a recordset in a task contains an email address unique to each row. Using a Send Email (SMTP) step you can create a dynamic recipient using the email address recordset column. This…

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Office 365 – Email sending limit prevents TaskCentre from sending more than 30 emails per minute. Error: 4.4.2 Message Submission Rate.

Symptom With Office 365 as your mail server a cap of 30 emails per minute is introduced. If a task is producing a high volume of emails that exceeds this limitation then the following error will occur: 4.4.2 Message submission rate for this client…

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How to send an email from TaskCentre with multiple attachments.

This knowledgebase article will show how a task can be configured to send an email to a user with multiple attachments. Scenario You have a task that e-mails order information to customers. The requirement is as follows: A customer with multiple orders is to…

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Unable to send email through Office 365 hosted facilities. Error: TLS Session Negotiation Failed. Connection Aborted

Symptom A connection to Office 365 has been created using the Send Email (SMTP) global configuration but at task runtime the following error appears in the event log: TLS Session Negotiation Failed. Connection Aborted If you attempt to test the connection the following message is received: SMTP…

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Selecting the Secure SMTP option in the SMTP global config causes task to fail with error: TLS Session Negotiation Failed. Connection Aborted

Symptom When you configure the Global SMTP Configuration within TaskCentre (Tools > Output > Send Email (SMTP)) to use the Secure SMTP option, you may receive the following error message at task run time: TLS Session Negotiation Failed. Connection Aborted Cause This is caused…

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