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Codeless Case Study

The FD Centre

Deploying a portal for SAP Business One to automate invoicing and data transfers

The FD Centre was established in 2001. It was the first business to provide part-time Finance Director services in the UK to the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sector, allowing smaller organisations to benefit from the expertise of a highly experienced Financial Director without incurring the expense of hiring someone full-time. The FD Centre wanted to create a portal that would enable financial directors, regional directors and admin staff to automate the process of raising invoices/credit notes and increase reporting capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce costs and take greater control over data.

Primary Applications Used: SAP Business One and Portal for SAP Business One

The Challenge

  • Automate the processing of invoices
  • Automate data inputting and transfers
  • Increase reporting capabilities
  • Incorporate offices around the globe
  • Imporove the visibility of data

To read how The FD Centre overcame its challenges, please download the case study.

“The first benefit received is the saving of time. From a finance perspective, having automated the billing process we are saving around three to four days a month in the UK alone. Once each country is added, I believe we’re going to save a month of an individual’s time. I estimate it will save us around £50,000 per annum in time / monetary savings. The system will ultimately pay for itself (and some).”

Wayne Smith, Financial Controller, The FD Centre

Case Study: The FD Centre

Case Study: The FD Centre

The FD Centre, a provider of part-time Finance Directors to SMEs, saves time and money and gains greater control of data after deploying a portal for SAP Business One.

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