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The Benefits of Automated Warehouse Alerts for ERP Systems

Improving Warehouse Management with Warehouse Alerts and Notifications

Most ERP systems are capable of managing workflows and stock levels for distribution and the warehouse. However, in such a fast-paced environment, relying on processes that often need to be performed manually can slow down the distribution cycle.

It can also delay access to vital information that provides clear visibility into inventory, order status, supplier schedules, and customer demands which is required to succeed.

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Stock management notifications

Monitoring stock levels is essential for many businesses, as inventory levels falling below thresholds can have a significant effect on sales and cash flow. Any business should have a solution in place that monitors their ERP system and triggers alerts signifying low stock levels.

If an organisation has multiple warehouses for storing stock, a common scenario might be that one warehouse is overstocked whilst the other is under minimum stock. An automation system could monitor the levels, automatically notify the warehouse with minimum stock that stock is available elsewhere and generate a transfer document to attach to the notification.

Notifying customers

Another issue that can arise is where the delivery date by the supplier is greater than the purchase order due date. Not only does the warehouse manager need to be aware of this information the customer should also be updated as well.

Quite often, a customer may have pre-ordered an item, or the order had to be split and placed onto a separate back order, due to low stock levels. A notifications system could monitor the incoming stock and notify the relevant people/account manager that the stock has been received and ready for distribution.

By integrating warehouse notifications and alerts with an ERP system it is possible to automate many manual processes and improve data sharing within and between warehouses and various systems. This will help improve efficiencies, enhance customer service and free up valuable resources.

For more information on how notifications and alerts can help improve your warehouse management download the brochure below or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Warehouse Notifications and Alerts Brochure

Warehouse Notifications and Alerts Brochure

Discover why adding warehouse alerts to your business systems will help your business improve distribution and customer service.

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