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Integrate MetaPack with Accounting, CRM, ERP or Warehouse Systems

Metapack is a useful web-based (SaaS) delivery management system for retailers, 3PLs and carriers, providing a single point of integration to 200 carrier networks and 3,500 delivery services.

The Metapack platform provides the appropriate range of delivery options, identifies the most suitable carrier service for each delivery and provides visibility and control: these strengthen customer service, consumer loyalty and longer term carrier relationships. Supply chain processes are made more efficient, multi-channel and cross border solutions are more tenable.

In short, the Metapack platform supports a more efficient market and can further the growth of your eCommerce offering. However, if your business uses a CRM, ERP, financial or warehouse system to manage sales and accounts, then inputting any orders and delivery information from these systems will be a time-consuming process.

Extracting and Pushing Data Between Metapack & Accounting, CRM, ERP or Warehouse Systems

As all delivery information remains solely within Metapack, any orders taken in your business systems will require a dedicated employee or despatch team to manually extract them and place them with Metapack for fulfilment.

Likewise, Metapack generates a wealth of valuable information such as tracking numbers and delivery notifications. Putting that information to good use, however, needs more valuable employee time and administration, as it will need to be manually extracted and then pushed into your business systems.

Getting a parcel to customers is only half the challenge as they also expect a highly proficient returns service. Metapack provides a dedicated returns portal that can facilitate this requirement, but this information needs to be shared across all business systems to ensure warehouse staff are aware and stock levels are up to date.

By integrating your delivery management system with your other business software, via our simple drag and drop integration solution, you will remove repetitive data entry, increase employee productivity and improve visibility of all sales and deliveries across your business.

Find out more about how our integration solution can remove expensive bespoke development and improve business efficiency by downloading the brochure below, or call us on +44 (0)330 998 8700.

Metapack Integration Brochure

Metapack Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Metapack with your other business applications can help speed up deliveries and provide you with more intelligent data.

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